The Whining Pussys
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The Whining Pussys

Huntington Beach, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF | AFTRA

Huntington Beach, CA | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Alternative Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Whining Pussys"

Alright everyone so Dalton here again!
So coming from a band that just released their album yesterday, a punk band that ranges from the one to two and a half minute mark, which is what you've come to expect from angsty punk bands. But from every track they've established exactly what they want to come across with every chorus replaced verse. They know exactly what they want to tell you and they make it a point to tell you without soft metaphors.
They throw curveballs with songs like "She's a Herbavore" where the song title is exactly what you get, to other songs like "I Won't be Tamed" being subtly and suddenly tossed your way; while you still get the classic sense of vulgar punk you also get the in-depth meanings of what the band is trying to tell you from why they wrote their songs. The juxtaposition of all the tracks within the album flows smoother than other modern punk bands, where you wouldn't expect a punk band to come from. When you listen to certain tracks you listen over and over, and you find yourself drifting into other songs. When this happens, you find the hidden meanings you weren't expecting as something that will make this certain band unique to other bands you've heard a thousand times over.

Something I particularly love about this band is that they've distilled humor, in one aspect or another, into all of their tracks that while you're listening you take a short second to pause and laugh to yourself. It might just be me, but I, myself, have definitely taken the time to appreciate the subtle humor and blatantly placed they've given to all of their listeners.
Another thing I can really appreciate, which I hope you all can too, is the way they drift from fast, hard vocals, to soft sensual tones then a seamless curve right back to where they came from. - The Underground Perspective

"The Whining Pussys – ‘Wasted’"

The Whining Pussys – ‘Wasted’

July 25, 2017

Bryon William

The Whining Pussys are an indie-rock group hailing from Orange County, CA. The band is composed of front-man Clark McSteven on vocals/guitar, Kyle Zemblidge on guitar, Steve Gonzalez on bass and Daryl clar, drums . The group infuses elements of punk, humor, and with a twist of angst to create their unique sound. Off their self-titled project, the single “Wasted” is a great way to introduce yourself to a one-of-a-kind music experience.

Starting off, the drums enter with a nice popping beat that is soon accompanied by electric guitar and a grooving bass line that will
immediately get you to into the rhythm of the music. The guitars layer up creating a nice progression into the start of the verse.
Continuing the great infectious groove, the vocals enter for the first verse singing, “I was a hippie/I was a burnout/I was a dropout/I was out of my head.” The purposeful monotone vocals during the first verse paired with the lyrics and instrumental arrangement sets a chilled-out vibe that resonates. The arrangement continues to progress with additional guitar motifs throughout the verse.

“Wasted” is all about the California life-style, living wild and having fun. In the hook of the song they sing, “I tried to go to school but couldn't, I'm wasted/I tried to tie my shoe but couldn't, I'm wasted/I tried to make out but I couldn't, I'm wasted/I tried to light the bong but couldn't, I'm wasted/I was so wasted.” It's an entertaining, straight-forward commentary that paints a picture of a"hippie, burn-out, drop-out."

With a groovy arrangement and simple lyrics, “Wasted” is catchy tune that leaves a lasting and fun impression for listeners who are tired of the grind and prefer life outside the rat race. The Whining Pussy’s are sure to attract niche listeners with their laid-back sound and good vibes. “Wasted” is just one of their fun, addictive songs off their self-titled album. For more information on the band and to get a free download of their track, visit their web-page. - The Indie Spoonful

"The Whining Pussys Cover of Black Flag’s ‘Wasted’"

In Black Flag’s original 1978 version of “Wasted”, being wasted sounds like something dark and unhinged – which, to be sure, it can be. But for a lot of people, getting wasted means good times and good friends, being silly and letting loose.

The Whining Pussys, out of Orange County, CA, take the basic song and stretch it, air it out, give it the woozy, wonky vibe that feels so good to get wasted to. They count pioneering punk bands like Black Flag as their biggest influences, but here they inhabit a laid-back surf groove. If the hooting of the Brazilian cuica at the end doesn’t make it clear, this isn’t music that wants to be over-thought so much as it wants you to grab a couple buddies, crack a beer, and stumble out to the nearest beach.

Or whatever. It’s summer, baby. - MusicNotez - The Magazine

"The Whining Pussys music video ‘Facebook is an Asshole’"

The California punk rock band The Whining Pussys have been featured in our magazine before with the track ‘Wasted’. Now they’ve released an original track showing more of their sense of humor, and angst with social media these days. The track is called ‘Facebook is a Asshole’, it doesn’t take a whole lot of explaining for you to figure out the content of this song, but we all can relate to where the concept was derived from. While we all use Facebook and other social media sites to connect with friends and promote things, we all know others that go too far and post a lot of useless stuff that we don’t care about. Well, the Whining Pussys are finally taking a stand against this!

On top of the hilarious, satiracle backbone of this song, the actual instrumentals and vocals are great as always! The band continually tours around too, and with all the energy put in to their music, you just know they put on an amazing live show. - Musicnotez - The Magazine

"The Whining Pussys – ‘Facebook is an A**hole’"

The Whining Pussys are an alt-punk band from Huntington Beach, California. The group features Clark McSteven (Vocals), KZ Anarchy (Guitar), Steve Gonzalez (Bass), and Daryl Clar (Drums). Taking influences from punk, alternative, reggae, hard rock, pop, and blending them together with a witty sense of humor, you get The Whining Pussys’ distinct sound. Showcasing their unique vibes, everyone will be able to get a kick out of their music video for their song “Facebook is an A**hole.”

Music Video Review:

The video opens displaying the title of the song, ironically alongside a Facebook live-stream of The Whining Pussys as Clark says, “Selfieeeeee,” before they break into song making for a hilarious start to the video. As the band vamps up towards the first chorus, high quality shots of the members are dived across the screen showing each member as they enter. Clark enters singing, “Facebook is a fucking asshole/fuck you and your fucking friends/thumbs up for your whiny problems/my posts fly over your head, you trainwreck,” continuing to show the band jamming out to the hardcore, punk vibes while simultaneously weaving in funny clips you may see on Facebook that relate to the lyrics.

“Facebook Is an A**hole” highlights how people can be excessively extra on social media which we all know can be highly annoying. During the verses, The Whining Pussys put a spotlight on all the things they find annoying on social media singing in one of their verses, “I don't want to know about your maladies/don't post pictures of the food you eat/I don't give a shit about who your with/they suck like you, go eat a dick,” linking Facebook images and video clips with each line.

Overall, the video is extremely well put together creating an engaging, ironic, well-thought, hilarious duo between song and video. The high quality of both the visual and audial components make this a force of a video that people will love and remember. Make sure to check out other songs and videos from The Whining Pussys for more unbridled entertainment and for more information on the band, go to their page on Reverb Nation. - The Indie Spoonful - Real to Reel


Still working on that hot first release.



The Whining Pussys are a band with a wide range of sound that span singer-songwriter Clark McSteven's many influences.  This is what makes The Whining Pussys appealing to such a wide audience! From angsty punk anthems, to humorous beach style sing-a-longs, to serious indie masterpieces, The Whining Pussys have it all!

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