The Whiskey Bards

The Whiskey Bards


The Whiskey Bards are a high-energy musical group specializing in Celtic Folk and Medieval/Renaissance themed music. Whether it’s a stout drinking song, a driving march about war or chivalry, a ribald pirate ditty, or a traditional ballad they deliver a fun and memorable show!


Once upon at time, in a land not so far away, four friends met to have fun and make music. A spark of excitement flashed around them and soon they were performing as The Whiskey Bards. Using their hobby of medieval recreation as a source for inspiration, the group performed for friends, who told other friends, who told some more friends. Soon the group was booked to play at Renaissance Faires, Pubs, and Baseball Games.
The Whiskey Bards, while portraying characters from the past, sing of timeless subjects; Women, Whiskey and War. Their performances are interactive and humorous. Jonathan Hopf, the most renowned of the group, has been performing in the Medieval and Renaissance circuits for over 15 years. Chris Lyon, a former magician, can not only pull a coin from your ear but hit those incredible low notes that move earth. Nevin Phull’s tall stature belies his sweet tenor. He is rivaled only by his band-mate, Stephen Hoogerwerf’s gentle tones.
Influenced by groups like Rockappella, Tommy Makem and The Clancey Brothers, The Kingston Trio, and the Beatles, The Whiskey Bards have forged their own unique sound while writing songs that stick in your mind only to ambush you at odd moments.

The Whiskey Bards can be found on the web at:
Their music can be found at The Whiskey Bard's website or Hapi Skratch Entertainment,, or The Renaissance Store,

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Women, Whiskey and War (2004)
The Recruiter: Free Rum Ain't Free (2005)
Bottoms Up (2007)

Highlander Radio (, Bilgemunky Radio (, Tucson station KXCI ( have been playing the Whiskey
Bards' music and getting good response. Check it out!

Set List

Set List Example:
Women, Whiskey & War
Wild Hunt
Drunken Sailor
Land Of The Sun
Cruiscin Lan
Great to be a Pirate
The Lusty Young Smith
Libido Man
Deformed Farm