The Whiskey Drifters

The Whiskey Drifters

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

We're a rock band torn from the same cloth as Aerosmith, Springsteen and Guns N Roses with heartfelt lyrics and hooks from the likes of The Killers and Gaslight Anthem. We got a punch in our songs reminiscent of early Buckcherry and The Bronx and we hit hard live.

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Hearts Are Wild

Written By: Mike Altier

Hearts Are Wild Chorus:
Baby don't you try to runaway cause our hearts are wild And baby don’t you wanna run away our hearts are wild You’re scared to be alone and I’m not letting go
So baby come and run with me cause our hears are wild, wild again

Verse 1:
It was a Saturday in summer when I caught fire with you
That sun it tapped my shoulders and my whole world renewed
My faith in love reset to the first time in high school
Oh do you feel it to? Please say that you do

You were a vision there in white, my new Natalie Wood
We shared cigarettes and drinks until we no longer could
And talked until the morning made us shut up for good
I really think we could. I really think we could

Verse 2:
I got an untamed heart puts my head in a sling
Took a quiver full of arrows straight to my sleeve
Where my hearts pinned on with nothing more than string
So amazing, I hope you can see

It’s hard to play cool when my temperature’s rising
At first sight is when I knew cause I thought I was dyin’
You know I am true as steel so baby keep relying
Oh I’ll keep fighting, oh I’ll keep trying

Feel the Wave

Written By: Mike Altier

I feel the wave come up and hit me over and over again
Just tryin’ to catch my breath and take in oxygen
Sit back let the ocean take me, oh oh oh yeah the ocean saved me (Oooohhhh, oooohhh)
Ride the sun I can feel the love, holdin, holdin’, holdn’ lost at sea

1st verse:
When did it get so hard? So damn complicated?
I thought I had it all worked out, life came oh so easy
Is it all gonna catch on up? Am I wrong did I miss the boat?
My emotions start to flood and I feel so damn anxious

2nd verse:
Can’t say that I have dealt maybe I’m still dealing
When you get the wind knocked out there is no hope for healing
Can you feel the pressure burn? Hear the tides begin to turn
I don’t wanna leave this earth till I can sink my teeth in tonight

My Last Cig

Written By: Mike Altier

My Last Cigarette
My last cigarette never seems to ever end
Like every time that I lied said I won’t ever do it again…I went and did it again

1st verse:
I tried to stop but then somehow I lost the way
Got every excuse for why I needed it today
Man I feel so weak but it all just seems the same
Wish I could give up

I get a few days down just not thinking of you
Maybe it’s the sun, a song, a movie we kissed to
Relivin’ the moments now to good to be true?
I fall for the illusion again

2nd verse:
You got me hooked and then you took it all away
You know you crossed the line but kept on begging me to stay
I don’t think I ever know what’s good or bad for me
Darlin it’s a shame that I’m done

I try to lose you but can’t save myself from me
Finally identified my own worst enemy
I somehow keep on thinking that its all worth salvaging
So much for love it’s fucked


Down N' Out (2005)
The New Swing EP (2007)
Radio Single- The Life (The New Swing)
Heart, Soul and Swagger (3.15.2011)

Set List

Lost In Someday
Them Boys
Hearts Are Wild
Genuine July
Feel the Wave
Last Cigarette
You Maybe Right (Billy Joel)
Take Me Down Easy
The Life
My Mistake Missed Me
So Reckless