The Whiskey Robbers

The Whiskey Robbers


There's been several attempts to classify the Whiskey Robbers and the music they make. So far, all of the usual labels and comparisons haven't quite nailed it. A mix of punk, pop, blues and rock, The Whiskey Robbers continue to blur the lines of what a Northwest rock band should be.

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Suicide Robin

Written By: Kevin Kemper

suicide robin clears the table
reads the kids a story and puts them to bed
pours a glass of wine and watches TV
wonders if tomorrow could be the day

she lies in wait for the day to come
when the revolution begins
she's ready to sacrifice herself
for the greater glory

suicide robin pays her taxes
votes in every single election
she's active at the chamber for shits and giggles
lulls the oligarchy into sleep


Written By: Kevin Kemper

there's too much attention
keeping up the slacker lifestyle creed
it just makes him paranoid
it just pushes down his post punk fatigue
when the rush is over
winkin blinkin and noddin off to sleep
better sell the beemer
just in case there's a bomb in the backseat

decide tomorrow
everybody's trying not to try too hard
it's so mundane
he's sick of playing
he looks just like a bad caffeine withdrawl
it's all so lame

he plays up to his fanbase
he tells them the things that they want to hear
"you've been a great audience
thank you, I'll be here all next week"

Set List

Everybody Knows You're Wrong
Suicide Robin
Yorkshire Poacher
Daisy Chain
Laced With Rapture
Ballad of Attila
Bones and Butterflies
Candy Apples
The Night Before