The Whiskey Theory

The Whiskey Theory


The sustained opening note of the first track from The Whiskey Theory's "A Symphony of Fire" is like an electronic kettle whistle signaling an imminent boil over. That gives way to a good old fashioned, pop-rock anthem driven recording about having one last good time before the world ends.


Built around singer-songwriter Danrik Woods, who has worked and performed with talent as diverse as Carole King, modfather Paul Weller and Atlanta rapper Big Floaty, The Whiskey Theory enlisted a broad spectrum of musicians whose resumes include Guns and Roses, New York Dolls, Bad Co. and Swedish rockers Serenade For June. All these musicians lend a talented hand in creating the darkly humorous, sometimes poignant, rock and roll funfest that is A Symphony of Fire. Recorded in New York City, Ponte Vedra beach, FL, and Alpharetta, GA the album was Produced by Adam Wacht and Danrik Woods.


A Symphony of Fire - full length - DART Recordings
1st single - FOLLOW in May 2008
2nd single - Way Up Here - Fall 2008

Set List

Set varies nightly. No covers (maybe one or two here and there) but no permanent ones.