The Whiskey Wanderers

The Whiskey Wanderers

 Panorama City, California, USA

A folkin' melding of musicians in a celtic/folk/blues/bluegrass setting; with a sweet, sultry, and melodic sound. "The Whiskey Wanderers," are here to create and feel life through love and music and hope you wander their way for a show!


"The Whiskey Wanderers," formed by singer/songwriter Katt Dreyfuss and versatile guitarist Rob Gallagher, are a folkin' celtic/blues/bluegrass band based of Los Angeles. With Katt on lead vocals, mandolin, and shared percussion with her fiance Rob, who contributes to half of the group's guitar sound. Add in blues guitarist Cameron Clavin, and the "Wanderers," add a layer of sultry sound. "The Whiskey Wanderers," provide easy listening through the complicated art of music.

The group expects to release their first single before the end of October and are working on their first EP as you read this! Many shows to come, and a hopeful tour in March out to Austin, Texas, for SXSW!

Keep a sharp eye and ear out for new music, but for now, enjoy the covers provided by the band!