White Ravens

White Ravens

 Saline, Michigan, USA

Best International/USA Band for the 2010 Toronto Independent Music Awards. Quirky, original, melodic keyboard driven indie geek pop rock that is startling fresh, with incredibly catchy songs, solid musicianship, and riveting live performance.


The White Ravens were born on long ago, on a radioactive panda far, far away, when bassist and vocalist Amy Bennett asked her keyboard playing brother, Will, if he wanted to start a rock band.

We combine strange but melodic keyboard compositions with witty lyrics and distinctive vocals. Our lyrics are influenced by the exploits of comic book superheroes, marine biology, and video games. Many of our musical inspirations start with the letter "B": Beatles, Bob Dylan, Bach, and Bertold Brecht. Non-B influences include: Monty Python, Gilbert and Sullivan, They Might Be Giants, honky tonk, gypsy, and all kinds of alternative music.

The White Ravens were awarded Best International/USA/Out of Province Band for the 2010 Toronto Independent Music Awards.


Saddle Up The Whales

Written By: Will and Amy Bennett

Saddle Up The Whales
I sprinkled on top of my cornflakes,
Some berries and pesticide.
Designed to keep the worms away,
It had a few effects on the side.

The birds that feed on the worms,
Were deprived of their daily snack.
So when I walked out of my house,
The robins were out to attack.

Let’s saddle up the whales,
Go for a ride on the deep blue sea.
Let’s saddle up the whales,
I’ll take a Narwhal, you take a Minke.

Let’s go out to the blowhole,
You know to Rights don’t make no wrong
This whole town is absurd,
But with our whales, we’ll make it along.

The robins stared at me with
Murderous gleams in their eyes,
But due to the West Nile Virus,
With which they were all parasitized,

The robins started croaking,
Right and left they began to die.
I was alone in a pile of dead birds,
When the police passed by.

I was tried for destruction of wildlife,
But when they examined my file,
The judge deduced that I was a hawk,
And ruled the whole case a mistrial.
I have my important belongings
Packed up in this sack,
Before I doubt, lets head out,
Find some whales, and never look back.

Rube Goldberg

Written By: Will and Amy Bennett

Rube Goldberg
A chicken lays an egg,
And it falls on a silver spoon.
The spoon’s handle flies upward,
Loosing a red balloon.

The balloon rockets upward into the stars.
The string pulls tight and lifts a door.
Marbles spill out across the floor.
I fall like a domino into your arms.

My grandfather lived in New York,
And he became an engineer.
He moved out to Detroit,
Because he knew he could find work here.

Come on and take my hand,
Let’s kick down these dominoes,
And follow the falling strand,
To see where our lives will go.

Mechanical Whales

Written By: Will and Amy Bennett

Mechanical Whales

Blue mechanical whales
Dive deep into the sea
Blue mechanical whales
With oars the size of a tree

So we row along
And we sing this song.

Blue mechanical whales
Are the only whales you’ll ever
Every spout and tail
Is rowed by your tax money

Informational Video

Written By: Will and Amy Bennett

This informational video will tell you how to escape.
You are locked in a box at the bottom of a tank of water.
Above the tank there is a lion waiting.
The lion has not eaten for two weeks.

So grab the key, hidden in your pocket,
Find the lock, which is rusting in the cage,
Swim on up and tranquilize the lion,
With the gun. We hope you learn your lesson.

You will find yourself in a room many switches.
You must turn them on in a very precise way.
The lava that you see will never, ever harm you,
If you use the lion’s body as a raft.

You are doing very well,
Unfortunately we did not tell
You that the pillows that you see
Are just disguised hives of bees.

But we think that you should know
Since we all love you so
We do forgive your grave transgression
And hope that you’ll serve as a lesson.

Rain Song

Written By: Will and Amy Bennett

It rains in the morning,
It rains in the evening,
It rains as night falls,
All over this land.

It storms in the summer,
With thunder and lighting,
Wind tears the umbrella,
Right out of your hand.

When the skies are clear at night,
The star field shines through,
And when I see your planet’s light,
I wonder what to do.

The water is rising,
It pours out my rain boots,
And over the key hole,
And into my house.

So I sit on the sofa,
and write you a letter
Here’s hoping that time and space
Will bring it to you.

World's Smallest Piece of Pasta

Written By: Will and Amy Bennett

They bolt down the hatch and the fans start to whir.
I breathe in the heat as the port window blurs.
The crane starts to crank and the gears start to spark.
Away goes the ship as I fall in the dark.

Pinpoints of something flare in the distance,
Purple and turquoise, eels and fishes.
Tiny creatures sparkle like starlight,
Something familiar flashes gold.

A voice crackles words and I spew a reply.
The oxygen tanks start to splutter and sigh.
A lifetime has passed since the night of the wreck.
My sight starts to fade to the black of the depths.

I’ll follow you down where the jellyfish glow,
I’ve got a handful of nothing I’ll exchange for your soul.
Flowing dresses in green shafts of light,
Collars, watches, and handbags held tight.
Ladies slowly turn to me and say,
Perfumed words to the dark and the depths.

Yells as I’m pulled from the cold bathysphere.
Sunlight and ships and the warm ocean air.
Repel from my head dim memories,
Dreams of the belles with scarlet sleeves.


The White Ravens are having a local release of their new CD, Saddle Up The Whales, September 29, 2012! It'll be their strangest yet, with songs featuring bathyspheres, whales, manatees, narwhals, and Rube Goldberg machines!

In July 2010, we released our second album, Gargoyles and Weathervanes. It was recorded at Ghetto Recorders studio in Detroit by Jim Diamond, who has recorded such notable bands as the White Stripes and the Dirtbombs. The drummer for this CD was Liberty DeVitto, Billy Joel's drummer of 30 years.

Set List

The typical set list is 1 to 2 hours. Most songs are 2:30 to 4:00 minutes long.

Original songs include:

Saddle Up The Wales
World's Smallest Piece of Pasta
Arlene's Grocery
We're Glad You're Here
Informational Video
Mechanical Whales
World's Smallest Piece of Pasta
Shepherd's Pie
Call It a Hit
Tick Tock
Atomic Panda
Little Rabbit
Pancakes and Prophecies
My Pocket
Broken Halves
Mr. Schonke
Peach Juice
30 Stories
Fuzzy Waltz
Purple Water
Small as a Raisin
So Sad
Mood of the Times
Possession Fenestrated
Latin Song
Clock Towers
Strawberry Shrapnel
Comic Book
Bee Song
Change Song
Ann Arbor Song
Stars Conversing
Tidal Wave
Allo's Song
Stars Conversing

Covers include:

Crocodile Rock
Putting on the Ritz
Dream a Little Dream of Me
Glow Worm
Swing on a Star
Honey Pie