The WhiteTrash WhipLash

The WhiteTrash WhipLash


The WhiteTrash WhipLash started playing shows in 2005 and have been picking up steam, hangovers, strange rashes and hopefully some friends ever since. They are an all original Rockabilly band that ROCKS with their hardcore HonyTonk vibe!


White Trash WhipLash is an original honkytonk band influenced by Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, The Clash and AC-DC among others.

The songs are humerous and saterical yet seriously good with top notch hooks. We are proud to introduce our self titled album, "White Trash WhipLash".

The ten cuts on the album range from hard rocking, "Doublewide" to the classic country sounds of "Walmart Girl" and "Toothless Girl". "That's How I Roll" is the essence of Southern Rock and "Boonie McCloud" and "Lipstick Dynamite" will have your petal to the metal.

White Trash WhipLash's live show is a high-energy fun fest with engaging songs and a license to do no wrong!


White Trash WhipLash 2006