the Whitey Tighties

the Whitey Tighties

 Orlando, Florida, USA

The Whitey Tighties are trying to bring the FUN back to music with funny lyrics and tunes that will having you singing along before you know it. Providing good times like Tenacious D, Stephen Lynch, and the Bloodhound Gang (to name a few), but with a high-energy show!


The Whitey Tighties were born when a few friends came together in the summer of 2009 with one thing in mind; to make high energy music that smashes the funny bone. Each member played in different bands before forming the Whitey Tighties, and each brought their own musical tastes and influences--but humor was the common thread that tied them all together. Since then, they have continued to redefine the rock/comedy genre with their contagious passion, volume, and on-stage shenanigans.


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Set List

Our set list is usually around 10 songs and we usually play for 45 mins to an hour. We play original songs with 1 - 2 cover songs per set. We enjoy engaging the audience between songs, so that can sometimes make the set longer, but that's usually up to the audience and the time we are allotted.