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Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Duo Hip Hop Neo Soul




"Q&A: The Whoevers"

In spite of the Whoevers’ relatively anonymous moniker, the hip-hop duo of Lloyd "Dotkom" Dotdot and Jesse “J. Arthur” Manaois is slowly starting to make a name for itself.

The pair, who met in 2009 while attending school at Northern Illinois University, recently recorded an infectious new album, “Ridin' Waves,” and will celebrate its release with the biggest show of its young career: a headlining gig at Lincoln Hall on Friday, Dec. 6. Even so, in a recent phone interview the two MCs sounded as though they were just getting started. - Chicago Redeye Newspaper

"[On Our Radar] theWHOevers: Ridin’ Waves Album"

TheWHOevers are personal favorites here at Closed Sessions. Their unique bounce in production and honest content was enough to land an On Our Radar spot for Evidence’s Closed Sessions showcase at Schuba’s back in August, and since, they have somehow expanded their skills, as seen on Ridin’ Waves. The project rides smoothly from song to song, each backed by subtle head-nodding beats and rolling, image-filled flows. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing the trajectory of this duo, because at this point, their possibilities are boundless. - Closed Sessions

"'Music Mondays' - theWHOevers"

This weeks ‘Music Monday’s we’re bringing you a chill hip-hop duo based out of Chicago, IL. Known as theWHOevers, this Chicago duo is made up by J. Arthur and DotKom. Two young MC’s producing great feel good hip hop music. Chicago has a large hip hop scene with MC’s such as the Typical Cats and Lupe Fiasco that play a huge role in the great diversity the city has. The duo group has released four albums with their latest album dropping last month in September. Read more on this dynamic duo below and make sure you check out their music! They offer their latest album for sale with a name your own price feature, so give what you can! - Creative Recklessness

"theWHOevers: Rendezvous"

One of my favorite groups out of the Windy City, theWHOevers, is getting ready to drop their RedTape project on September 19th. Today we get a look at the Certified fresH single “Rendezvous” off the project and you can’t help but listen to this joint more than once. Definitely stop sleeping on theWHOevers! - Kevin Nottingham

"IMF Exclusive Video Premier: theWHOevers - BBQ (Bump That)"

It’s a world premier-pre-pre-premier! The much anticipated video off the future classic Redtape from Chicago’s own the WHOevers drops first here for the good people of IMF. Not only do we get the official “BBQ (Bump That)” video, we also got to sit down with the WHO to pick their brains about the concept, importance of the visual, Vegas and the Illuminati Ice Coffee drinkers. Get fresh with the visuals provided by SOL Films, feel the beat nock deep down to your inner your soul, then head on over after the break to catch up with the WHOevers. - IMF Magazine

"theWHOevers - RedTape (Mixtape)"

Ahh this is it, now! So don’t trip. The city of wind has another reason why to stand up and salute. The much anticipated RedTape, from the WHOevers, dropped a few days ago and most hip hop a-alikes are still recovering after the heavy dose of boom bap mixed with that golden era-esque lyricism. With the basic principles of no weak snares allowed, and only that hard hitting vinyl crackling, head nodding flavors; the WHOevers have definitely almost perfected the recipe.

J.Arthur’s soulful vocals grace a handful of tracks like “Rendezvous”, “How I Do” and “Reach” while the ferocious lyrical appetite of Dotkom on “BBQ”, “Midnight Magic” and “Walk These Dogs” clears the lines of lames rhyming. Take it all in, yes it’s a breath of fresh air to combat what you’ve listening on the radio WorldStarhiphop.

With features coming by way of chicago’s golden child ShowYouSuck and his comrade Auggie the 9th, on “Spiked Punch”, and the dreamer Chandler London with the always melodic Def Poet, on “Ultraviolet” offering up the blueprint of how a-alikes can come together to bless a track. Both jawns are full of lyrical acrobatics as each try to out do one another while staying the course. Now who said that lyricism is dead?

From the beats that bang hard in your jeeps to the soulful rhythms produced by J.Arthur and lyrically commandeered by Dotkom, the WHOevers are definitely reaching for the stars and exceeding all expectations. From last years Renovations to this years RedTape, the WHOevers are building on a strong foundation with deep roots in what’s missing in hip hop today. So like last time, when they ask WHO don’t forget to put the ‘evers’ in it! W? - IMF Magazine

"theWHOevers - RedTape (Mixtape)"

I first caught wind of the Chicago duo when member Dotkom dropped off his 2dope solo offering, Words of Wisdom. Now, he and J. Arthur are back at it with a new project. Do yourself a favor and hit the jump for a stream and download link. - 2dopeboyz

"Weekend Wrap Up Mix Show with theWHOevers"

This week my fellow Vocalo partner in crime, Vivian Mikhail joins me to review Lupe Fiasco’s latest album, Food and Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album. I catch up with the Chicago based group, The Whoevers to talk shop about their incredibly dope album, The Red and giving balance to hip hop. All this and more on this week’s Weekend Wrap Up Mix Show. - Vocalo 89.5

"Closed Sessions Radio 10.12 with DotKom & A-Villa"

Yesterday we welcomed Dotkom of theWHOevers and producer extraordinaire A-Villa to the Closed Sessions radio show on We spoke to Dotkom about where theWHOevers fit into the Chicago Hip Hop scene, their start in music, and next project. A-Villa then spoke on his self-made LP, Live From The Villa, which features Joell Ortiz, Roc Marciano, Havoc, Scheme, AZ, Kool G Rap, Big K.R.I.T., and a slew of others. In between, me and J.R. Bang talk about our debut rap albums, the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, and other comical musings. Peep it below and tune in every Friday 11am-1pm for Closed Sessions radio on - Ruby Hornet

"[Mixtape Premier] theWHOevers: RedTape"

theWHOevers, the Chicago duo comprised of J. Arthur and Dotkom, are one of my favorite groups to emerge from Chicago’s Hip Hop scene over the last year. They distinguish themselves by their ability to blend the old and the new. They give hope to listeners searching for music that reminds them of an earlier moment in Hip Hop’s journey, while not retreading the past or being stuck in a time that is never to return. They pay respects to the traditions of Hip Hop that have influenced them most, while recognizing new inspirations and making their own as well. RedTape is the newest release from theWHOevers, it is 13 new tracks featuring praised singles such as “BBQ (Bump That)” and “Rendezvous”. With a thread of Larry Bird vs. Dr. J running throughout the tape, theWHOevers draw attention to their quest to be the best at their craft, and their own struggles with old vs. new.

The mixtape features guest appearances from Chandler London, ShowYouSuck, Auggie The 9th, and Scheme, as well as special bonus track. The mixtape is available below for download and a name your price purchase. Check it out and enjoy. - Ruby Hornet

"Perfomer Magazine Spotlight Feature: theWHOevers"

Chicago Hip Hop has never been this smooth. Sorry Kanye, theWHOevers have found that feeling that A Tribe Called Quest imbibed and put their own kiss on it.... - Performer Magazine

"theWHOevers: How I Do"

theWHOevers are back at it again! Not only are they opening up for Elzhi for his July show, they have an upcoming mixtape expected to drop in July 2012. In light of these events, the dynamic duo group have released a song off it called 'How I do.' How would I describe it? Chill vibes and nothing but class from these guys! - Underground Hip Hop Movement

"theWHOevers - BBQ (Bump That)"

J. Arthur and DotKom collectively known as the Chicago tag team behind The WHOevers dropped off that quintessential ‘hip hop’ joint with their latest release “BBQ (Bump That)” off their much anticipated upcoming mixtape which will be dropping sometime in September. With two singles out the gate “How I Do” and “BBQ (Bump That)” delivering that feel good hip hop music you feel deep in your soul, the tape and upcoming album will definitely set the bar for Chicago hip hop. Hit the break to hear “How I Do” and to all the persons of Chicago you can catch The WHOevers opening up for Elzhi at Subterranean on July 26th. Get your tickets here and bump that! - IMF Magazine

"[Interview] RH First Look: theWHOevers"

For Dotkom and J. Arthur, Hip Hop isn’t just about the music. The two met at Northern Illinois University and quickly found that they each shared an appreciation for Hip Hop culture. That shared appreciation is at the core of their bond, and a mindset that informs them in their work as theWHOevers, one of Chicago’s best new groups. “We both knew we wanted to create music that we as listeners would enjoy,” says J. Arthur, “something that represents the essence of the Hip Hop culture we adored growing up.”

In September of 2011, theWHOevers released their debut project, Renovations. The mixtape is an eclectic collection of beats and rhymes in the spirit of Hip Hop’s golden era with influences from Chicago house and freestyle movements. Following that release, Dotkom and J. Arthur upped the creative ante and released a new song every Wednesday, forcing each other to push themselves beyond hot 16's and one-liners. Much like an athlete hitting the gym, or a samurai sharpening his sword, theWHOevers have only gotten better since Renovations. And this summer they will release a new mixtape, which will then set the table for a proper follow-up to Renovations.

In this First Look, we talked to Dotkom and J. Arthur about their influences, their solo projects, where they fit in Chicago Hip Hop, and much more. Check it out. - Ruby Hornet

"TheWHOevers - Episodin"

My boys Dotkom & J.Arthur represent that pure era of hiphop. I caught 'em the other night performing live, the stage presence was high octane fun! Download the new project "Renovations" here.

"New Video: theWHOevers - Fantastic(RENO) (Music Video)"

Filipino hip-hop duo, theWHOevers released the visuals this week for "Fantastic(RENO)", track #2 off of their Renovations album. Paying homage to Mobb Deep in the first bar of the song, the video lives up to the crazy and creative nature of group members, Dotkom and J.Arthur. Check out the fun below!

"Sounds of Chicago"

Jesse and Lloyd AKA theWhoevers dropped their new video “Spectacular Venacular” bringing some summer sunshine to our dreary and surprisingly warm winter… (famous last words) -

"theWHOevers on the brink of Renovations"

One can hardly imagine a tale promising ascension and hope for Chicago Hip Hop (and music in general) than that of the successes of Common, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Twista, etc. But The WHOevers creates music alike the sensationalism of a master’s production, laboring intensely against the devout of their lyricism in crafting a genuine track-turner. They succeed in producing compelling stories through song-form, rejuvenating ears and striking music famine when their audience devours it completely for the first or tenth time at The Abbey Pub. The Whoevers have found their resonance, alike how the lottery of fate chose J. Arthur and DotKom to work together, through a series of personal trial-and-error leading up to the sublime batch of songs to showcase their individual talents collectively.

On the brink of the release of their debut album (“Renovations”), they perform with dedication, doe-eyed in hopes to be heard among local audiences about their songs of the working struggle, infatuation/love, silly-girls, and just life. Their originality and step away from the popularity of the mainstream sound gives them their edge, along with the yin-and-yang stage presence of J. Arthur and DotKom. With J. Arthur’s collective presence and DotKom’s spitfire demeanor, the pair works together fluidly and effortlessly, interacting beyond the assigned-verse norm. Their biography isn’t a chronicle or platform about “real” Hip Hop as many may think, but a general appreciation for good music.

The WHOevers, only in the introduction of their epic, continues to deliver and push their tracks with each performance as if slaying the final feat -- the mighty internal battle to drive yourself further than ever. They are hungry, but their demeanor remains relaxed and lively on stage. They’re entertaining, but determined to perform. Not to be compared to Chicago Hip Hop success stories, The WHOevers exist as their own entity. Their values are simple, but their music are complex layers comprised of work, time, influences, and auto-biographies compacted in 5-minute intervals.

You can hear The Whoevers live at their monthly performance at The Abbey Pub, friend them on Facebook, or listen to their music online. - Chicago Urban Style

"Video: theWHOevers – Fantastic(RENO)"

"theWHOevers bug out in their new clip for “Fantastic(RENO).” A nice nod to the great Tribe." - Fake Shore Drive

"theWHOevers - "Fantastic""

Windy City group theWHOevers hit me with the other day with their video for the single “Fantastic (RENO)” and I was really feeling it so I checked out the album that the single comes from, Renovations, and I would definitely advise adding that to your library. Check it out right here on KN. -

"theWHOevers "Spectacular Vernacular" video"

Local duo theWHOevers are here with their newest visuals for “Spectacular Vernacular” which is of their latest LP Renovations. I wish it was still warm out, so I could party like this… but we really can’t complain with the winter we’ve had in Chicago.Hit the jump for the video. Catch theWHOevers on Jan. 13th for Show You Suck’s OMPP2 Release Party at Reggies.

- Ruby Hornet

"theWHOevers " All Night" Video"

theWHOevers are a local click part of the Rum Runners crew here in the Chi along with Show You Suck and others. Today they it us with the visuals for their track “All Night”. This track is the only soundtrack you need as the sun begins to set on a hot summer day. With the Kev Brown sounding beat, soulful vocals and worthwhile lyrics make this a general feel good track. Thank god for Hip-Hop spawning this feeling. theWHOevers have a show tonight at The Cubby Bear and go on at 10. Support good music! Hit the jump for the visuals.

- Ruby Hornet

"theWHOevers "It's Like That" video"

Here’s something new from theWHOevers, a duo from all parts of Illinois. Emcees DotKom and J. Arthur take to Chicago’s Wicker Park for “It’s Like That”, an anthem for the little guy on the come up. Their vocals flow well over the laid back production, making this perfect early morning music. Watch the new video and below, and look for more from theWHOevers on RH soon.

- Ruby Hornet

"theWHOevers "Renovations" Album"

Here is the debut album from Chicago’s The WHOevers. The LP is titled Renovations, and is 14 tracks deep of new material. The album does not feature the track “All Night”, but not “It’s Like That”, both of which had matching visuals. - Ruby Hornet


Still working on that hot first release.



theWHOevers are a Chicago-based hip hop duo formed by emcees J.Arthur and DotKom.  Known for their high energy stage presence, melodic sounds and catchy lyrics, theWHOevers are dedicated to providing straight-forward, feel good hip hop music.  Although its evident the duos musical roots are influenced by a number of musical genres, they use inspiration, imagination and life experiences to produce honest lyrical content, consistently winning over even the most diverse crowds. 

Formed in 2009, the combined power of wild-child lyrical genius MC DotKom and the soul-infused sounds of MC J.Arthur create a distinct and unique approach that provides audiences with a fresh and relevant sound for the modern age.  Known for live performances, theWHOevers have shared the stage and opened up for Evidence of Dilated Peoples, Elzhi of Slum Village, Black Milk, Tanya Morgan, Psalm One, K-Os, Qwel and Maker of Typical Cats, Kids These Days, Denmark Vessey, THEESatisfaction, and ShowYouSuck.  A force to be reckoned with, theWHOevers are surely launching toward the forefront of today's Chicago hip hop scene.

Chicago Venues:
The Hard Rock Cafe
Lincoln Hall
The Shrine
Bottom Lounge
1st Ward in Chop Shop
Beauty Bar
Reggies Rock Club
Funky Buddha Lounge
Crocodile Lounge
Double Door
The Abbey Pub
Jerry's Sandwiches
U.S. Beer Co.
Red Kiva
Cafe Lura
Griffin Lounge
Elastic Arts
Elbo Room
Memories Bar
Cubby Bear
LaSalle Power Co.

Bat Bar (SXSW), Austin, TX
The Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids, MI
The Box Office Theatre, Las Vegas, NV
The Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI

Wicker Park Festival (2011)
Stompkee Music Festival (2011)
Columbia College Chicago Art Crawl (2012)
American Festival (2013)

(Single) "All Night" featured on Chicago's Power 92 (2012)
(Single) "Next to You" featured on Chicago's WGCI 107.5 FM (2012)
Elzhi World Tour (Open Act - Michigan & Chicago Shows) (2012)
Performer Magazine feature (September 2012 Issue)
Recognized as Chicago Artist that Ruled 2012 (#18/20 via RubyHornet)
Radio show appearance on Chicago WGCI 107.5 FM Morning Riot (2013)
Radio show appearance on Chicago WLUW 88.7 FM (2013)
23BLVD Magazine feature (2013)
Chicago RedEye Newspaper Q&A feature December 2013
LEVELUp Magazine feature Artist (2014)

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