The Whore Moans

The Whore Moans


Imagine a bald Eagle in a lightning storm surrounded by clouds blacker than the coal that fuels hell's flame. He's flying at your eyes and he's SCREAMING the American National Anthem and clutched in his mighty talons is a ghetto blaster at full volume. That's what we sounds like.


Fist pumping, hip shaking, swagger-inducing, and yes, completely gorgeous - Seattle Rock and Roll dynasty The Whore Moans have been slanging their tight, soulful brand of scuzz rock since 2005. The Whore Moans newest release on Mt. Fuji Records is titled "Hello from the Radio Wasteland!" Recorded in glorious analog by producer Johnny Sangster, (The Posies, Mud Honey, The Briefs,) the album moves the group into new and exciting territory. Refusing to be boring, the record is a meditation on the strange musical landscape one finds crackling on the midnight radio.

The songs on Wasteland move and twist like an expansive interstate, touching on Nuggets-era garage, Specter-style pop, and jean jacket adorned metal. Starting with a vaudevillian sales pitch for a cure-all serum in "Nerve Tonic!" and landing on a searing snapshot of the American landscape with "Here Comes America," the album moves through themes of consumerism, comic books, love lost, love lived, and hard living. "Hello From the Radio Wasteland!" is an obsession with a continuously redefined pop culture. The Whore Moans new record is immediate and engaging, much like the culture that spawned it.

Hello from the Radio Wasteland! hits the street on Tuesday January 27th and the band will tour the US extensively following the release. The Whore Moans glorious noise should hit a chord with fans of The Murder City Devils to Mclusky. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this glorious noise.

“The best blistering-hot melting pot that's been cooked up in recent history, combining soul, rock and roll, hardcore, garage, and punk into one sweeping blur of heavily bassed and wonderfully brash rock.” – The Stranger


"Watch Out For This Thing" - Full Length Released in 2006 (Wizard House Recordings)

"Hello From The Radio Wasteland!" - Full Length Released in 2008 (Mt. Fuji)

Set List

We have about thirty song arrows in our song quiver and we shoot about a 30 to 40 minute volley from our music bow.