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"Rolling Stone Magazine: Fricke's Picks: The Whore Moans, A New Ear Tonic"

It is hard to believe that no group copyrighted such a natural punk-band name before, but the Whore Moans, a four-piece from Seattle, have it now, and they don’t waste it on their second album, Hello From the Radio Wasteland! (Mt. Fuji). The precedence flies thick and fast in “Nerve Tonic!” and “White Noise Melody” — Eighties-hardcore stripped-throat vocals, the angular art-riff assault, with prominent treble-ized bass, of Mission of Burma. But the Steven Tyler-like jabber in “Wall of a Song” is an unexpected hoot, and for all of the end-of-days fury in “Fingers and Martyrs” and “Here Comes America” (the latter is not a pretty sight), the Whore Moans are steadfast believers in loud-fast salvation, or what they call in one power-chord catapult, “The Holy Fucking Moment.” This album has plenty.

-David Fricke - Rollings Stone Magazine

"Sound Magazine : The Whore Moans: Hello From The Radio Wasteland"

this is demonstrative of what makes the Whore Moans
great: they keep you guessing and you'll never expect what's coming, which makes for a great listening experience. The Whore Moans have that elusive ability to combine different sounds into something that works well as a whole and as a result, there's
something for everyone on this disc. - Seattle Sound Magazine

"Sound on The Sound: The Whore Moans Released an Album"

Thinking about the Whore Moans as simply a “punk band” would woefully sell them short.... Last year I not arbitrarily named the Whore Moans the “Seattle’s Best Rock Band” of 2007, and I’ve got to say, they probably
deserve the same honor again this year.... There just aren’t that many bands who can deliver a complete spectacle.
and yet the Whore Moans seem to every time. - Sound on the Sound

"Wonka Vision Magazine: The Whore Moans Hello From The Radio Wasteland!"

Enthusiasm is what the Whores are all about, which helped them accrue a large local following and garnered acclaim for their
debut self-released album. Their sophomore set, ”Hello From the Radio Wasteland,” kicks the Seattleites into higher gear, as
the quartet rifle through the past with abandon. You can’t go much further back than the Fifties, with both “Wall of a Song” and
“The Holy Fucking Moment” capturing the excitement of early rock’n’roll, albeit in a garage setting. But nothing’s that straight
forward with the Whores, for the latter also tips a hat to The New York Dolls and winks at the Dead Boys, while the former nods
to both rockabilly and speedcore. “No Soul,” in contrast, bows to the blues, its swampy sound and stripped back arrangement a
pointed reminder of just where garage got its start, while “Dead Man’s Drink” draws a straight line between the blues and Irish
drinking songs…a link that had previously escaped this writer.
Of course the blues spread its influence across much of Sixties rock, not least of all to the Rolling Stones, and on “Cold Comfort
(in the Night)” the Whores resurrect that band’s early sound and fold it into old school punk. This song pretty much defines The
Heartbreakers’ own sound, which the Whores also revive for “Here Comes America,” but this time around give it a Sex Pistols’
The period between the British Invasion and punk was pretty much a musical wasteland for those with no appreciation of the
excesses of classic rock, and “Fingers and Martyrs” swiftly disposes of that era, with a song that begins in post-punk, staggers
into rock before falling headfirst into hardrock, and finally stumbles into the full-blown pomposity of classic rock. Thank God for
Lou Reed and The Stooges, who both provided welcome relief during those years, and these punk heroes get their due on
“White Noise Melody” and “Hearts and Wires” respectively. The former however mixes in copious measures of the Clash, the
latter slows the tempo down to Neurosis proportions…until the group kick up into pure old school hardcore. “Cave of the Auger
Tree” then takes hardcore into the modern age.
Yet even as the band pay copious tribute to the past…you gotta love those doo-wop vocals on the otherwise Johnny Thundersish
“Nerve Tonic,” there’s enough twists and turns in the Whores’ retro stylings to set give the group apart from the pack. Their
love of punk in all its hydra-headed glory is thoroughly infectious, creating an album that’s not so much as exciting as exultant,
and deservedly so. [By: Jo-Ann Greene] - Wonka Vision Magazine

"Kexp Song of The Day: White Noise Melody"

The Whore Moans are back with and epic, and I mean EPIC new album.
The Whore Moans put on a fun and rowdy live show full of humor and antics only possible from friends who have waded through the trenches with one another over the years. - KEXP - John Richards


"Watch Out For This Thing" - Full Length Released in 2006 (Wizard House Recordings)

"Hello From The Radio Wasteland!" - Full Length Released in 2008 (Mt. Fuji)



Fist pumping, hip shaking, swagger-inducing, and yes, completely gorgeous - Seattle Rock and Roll dynasty The Whore Moans have been slanging their tight, soulful brand of scuzz rock since 2005. The Whore Moans newest release on Mt. Fuji Records is titled "Hello from the Radio Wasteland!" Recorded in glorious analog by producer Johnny Sangster, (The Posies, Mud Honey, The Briefs,) the album moves the group into new and exciting territory. Refusing to be boring, the record is a meditation on the strange musical landscape one finds crackling on the midnight radio.

The songs on Wasteland move and twist like an expansive interstate, touching on Nuggets-era garage, Specter-style pop, and jean jacket adorned metal. Starting with a vaudevillian sales pitch for a cure-all serum in "Nerve Tonic!" and landing on a searing snapshot of the American landscape with "Here Comes America," the album moves through themes of consumerism, comic books, love lost, love lived, and hard living. "Hello From the Radio Wasteland!" is an obsession with a continuously redefined pop culture. The Whore Moans new record is immediate and engaging, much like the culture that spawned it.

Hello from the Radio Wasteland! hits the street on Tuesday January 27th and the band will tour the US extensively following the release. The Whore Moans glorious noise should hit a chord with fans of The Murder City Devils to Mclusky. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this glorious noise.

“The best blistering-hot melting pot that's been cooked up in recent history, combining soul, rock and roll, hardcore, garage, and punk into one sweeping blur of heavily bassed and wonderfully brash rock.” – The Stranger