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"Royersford's own Why Kay Kays set to rock Chaplin's"

Taking the stage in face paint and women's overalls, the Royersford-based band the Why Kay Kays say their show is anything but ordinary.

"You never really know what you're going to get," lead guitarist Trevor Seufer said. "We don't plan anything."
Known to perform in hazmat suits, short shorts and black satin jumpsuits, the band aims to shake up its audience - and its upcoming show at Chaplin's: The Music Café in Spring City shouldn't be any different.
"If they see six guys coming out onstage in costumes, they're going to take a second look and hopefully listen," Seufer said.
The band will be performing with McReady Rock.
"We've never played with them, but their style is kind of different and so is ours, so I think we will complement each other," Kyle Bean, keyboardist and vocalist said.
Pulling from the likes of Modest Mouse and the White Stripes, the band said their music is hard to categorize.
"I guess we could be classified as experimental indie rock," banjo player and newest addition to the band Keith Trainor said.
With songs titled "Marky Mark," "Hungry, Hungry Hippo" and "Bullets in a Whiskey Bottle," the band said their music isn't for the emo crowd.
"It's kind of tongue in cheek," Trainor said. "We don't take ourselves too seriously."
Although the band said its music has gritty, dark undertones, the crowd can always sing along.
"Our music is melody driven. The lyrics are really catchy," Bean said. "If you're having a party and want to dance, you could put on some Why Kay Kays."
Costumes aren't the only thing that separates the band from other musicians - the band also uses banjos and trumpets.
"The traditional band model is obsolete. Everything that can be done with that has been done," Bean said. "Our music is original; we want to do something different."
Playing music for nearly a decade and performing as a band for the last five years, the high school friends said they attribute their longevity to their past.
"We're not friends because of the band, we're in the band because we're friends," Bean said.
Graduates of Spring-Ford Area and Upper Merion high schools, the bandmates said their sound has evolved since their earlier days.
"We've gone through like six drummers," Seufer said. "We used to write songs that we thought people wanted to hear, but now we write songs from our own experiences."
Playing at local bars like North Star and Mill Creek, the band members said they are looking to expand their horizons.
"We got a manager a couple months back and have started taking our music a little more seriously," Bean said. "We've been playing New York a lot more in the past couple of months but we definitely like playing Philly."
Citing a larger fan base around their home and knowledge of the area, the band said that Chaplin's: The Music Café is one of their favorite venues.
"We really get along with the people and they let us have all ages' shows," Seufer said. "But we're geared toward college kids looking to have a good time."
Planning a short, East Coast tour in February, the band members said they are excited to take new stages.
"It's really fun to travel and see what other cities' music is like," Trainor said. "We're just looking to get out there."
The tour will include stops in Washington, D.C., Boston, New York and Philadelphia.
Aside from a tour in the upcoming month, the band is also wrapping up work on its first studio release.
"We spent a lot of money on it; we're really excited about it," Seufer said. "It's a really dynamic and enjoyable sound."
The 13-track album, titled "Ruin the Universe," is set to be released in February.
"We are excited because we got to do it how we wanted," Seufer said. "We did it our way - that's the best part." - Montgomery News (12/30/08)


Brando 2005
Track 1 : Intro
Track 2 : Danny Does the DDR
Track 3 : Gardner’s A Bitch
Track 4 : You Hit Me With a Rock
Track 5 : Drunk Amaretto Song
Track 6 : Simple Complicated
Track 7 : Untitled III
Track 8 : Untitled II
Track 9 : Happy Birthday Joseph
Track 10 : Goin’ Ape Shit
Track 11 : Joan’s Kitchen

Brando EP 2006
Track 1 : Shakes His Fist at God
Track 2 : Hungry Hungry Hippos
Track 3 : Joan’s Kitchen
Track 4 : Goin’ Ape Shit

Having Fun and Helping Kids 2007
Track 1 : El Basemente
Track 2 : Sista’ Twista’
Track 3 : Timid and Timbuktu
Track 4 : Bullets in a Whiskey Bottle
Track 5 : Mining Fo Leaf, parts a-m, excluding f, including parts p-r
Track 6 : Scotch Flavored Kittens

Ruin The Universe 2009
1. Bullets in a Whiskey Bottle
2. Hungry Hungry Hippos
3. Goin' Ape Shit
4. Marky Mark
5. Sista' Twista'
6. Timid and Timbuktu
7. El Basemente
8. Happy Birthday Joseph
9. Shakes His Fist at God
10. Scotch Flavored Kittens



Look at your zipper. What is it telling you? If you are like millions of other zipper-users, it is informing you of an exciting new band to hit the Philadelphia music scene. The band is The Why Kay Kays. Simply name the place and time, and this sextet will bring its original style of indie rock that has been described as “crazy circus music,” “drunken sailor music” and “Monty Python meets The Muppets.” Some of the band’s biggest influences are Tom Waits, The White Stripes, and Modest Mouse.

Will “The Big Dippa” Buelow leads the band with distinctive vocals and an eye-catching stage presence. Kyle “kb3000” Bean plays synth and adds his baritone growl (fueled by cigarettes and scotch) to the vocal landscape. Dan “Hot Sauce” Gardner and Brenden “Beeco” Cowen hold down the back end with catchy bass lines and booming drums. As the newest addition to the group, Keith "Papa Chooch" Trainer's quick fingered banjo playing adds a dirty twang to the mix. All the while, Trevor “Crazy Mister Mousetube” Seufer’s unique and noisy guitar punctuates the chaotic nature of the band. Did I mention that Dan also plays trumpet and Brenden has the falsetto wail of a heavy metal frontman?

The Why Kay Kays gig regularly in the greater Philadelphia area and have been venturing into New York City with an increasing frequency. They have played tiny bars as well as established rock venues such as The North Star Bar, The Annex, Doc Watson's Pub, Millcreek Tavern, and the former Grape Street Pub.

The Why Kay Kays have existed as a band for four years, and all five members have been active in the music scene for at least seven years. After years of home-recording and two albums worth of material, the band has begun working on its first full length studio release, which should be completed in early 2009.

The Why Kay Kays draw fans mostly through their live performances. Both engaging and entertaining, their antics have grabbed the attention of fans ranging from age 16 to 45. The YKKs never perform without compliments; they grab many new listeners with every show they play. The interaction between the artists and the audience keeps everyone alert and amused. In a recent interview for the “Live at the Nail” radio show, DJ Big Daddy calls The Why Kay Kays “refreshing” and says that they “hit something on the money.”

Often shocking in appearance, The Why Kay Kays adorn such outfits as letter cutouts, women’s denim overalls, marching band uniforms, and their most recent HazMat suits. These have snatched eyes in many different venues. On-stage bantering and joke telling leave the audience wondering if the comedy is staged and rehearsed. It is not rehearsed; the Why Kay Kays are naturally entertaining.