Selfoss, South, ISL

There is an irresistible madness to our cold and dark Iceland. We like to think that it may be that isolation that keeps us so dedicated...The Wicked Strangers deliver sound in the rawl; pure with blood, sweat and emotion. We hail to the greatest before us and to a new sound birthed of ice and fire!


A band of musicians was born on the cold night of February 27th, 2011 in the distant and quaint town of Selfoss, Iceland. Three young friends wanting to take a shot at Iceland's national music competition known as Músíktilraunir decided it was time to go big or go home.
One month later the band known as The Wicked Strangers took Third Place, including two awards for Best Singer and Best Drummer. Their rhythmic style hailing to the foundations of late 70’s era rock with the calculated insanity of Rush and then lunging out into chaotic modern prog-core delvelops something so pure, so raw… and howling into the night; it was more than enough to bring TWS into the spotlight. There's something unexplainable about the sounds that emanate from Iceland, and The Wicked Strangers only go to prove that. Show after show... competition after competition, the saga continues.
Since then, the band has enthralled the music scene with their unmistakably raw and passionate energy on the stage and set aside time to record their first EP. With its completion, The Wicked Strangers were accepted to play the world-renowned Iceland Airwaves Music Festival in October 2011... filling the venues to beyond capacity. There they met an audience twitchingly eager to receive the hundreds of free copies of their debut recordings which the band had toiled to produce and package themselves.
Soon after the Iceland Airwaves Festival ended, The Wicked Strangers were invitied to play another televised competition known as Rokkstokk , taking home First Place, and enough money to buy some new gear.
After the release of their new single "Elephant and Castle", the band set forth to the US for a two week tour through the southwest. Gaining radio-play in Denver the band returned home in anticipation of Iceland Airwaves 2012 and for the recording of their first full-length.

Working on their album The Wicked Strangers went on to play countless festivals and shows in Iceland in 2013, and in 2014 with the final touches going on the album, the band decided to take a brake while the drummer and the bass player decided to move to Berlin to study the art of sound engineering. But soon enough their will be shows that will melt your brain cells with new material not heard before.


New Single released February 2012 -
"Elephant and Castle"

4 track EP (untitled) - 2011
"Get Your Wings"
"In The Night"

1st Single - "Irresistible"

-The song has received significant airplay on Xið 97.7 (Reykjavik's main Rock station)

-This track has also been featured on the Gogo Yoko / Iceland Airwaves 2011 website, and is available there as the song, or in Stream 9. ( )

Set List


"get your wings"

"in the night" 


"the last statement"



"lights out"


"elephant and castle"

"Cave spring hollows"


"P. Anka"