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As a global peace event that uses music and dance to spread a message of peace and unity, we choose to work with "conscious" artists like yourselves to help us with our mission. Your music and vibe embodies the spirit of our event and we are deeply appreciative of your support.
We look forward to working with you again,

Chris Deckker, Bob Barsotti, & Jeni Larsen - Earthdance Festival


"Listening to The Wicker Men is like taking a journey through a timeless realm. ... You'll hear images of Celtic lands with Eastern Asian overtones. ... Their music and songs are like stories that never fail to enchant and surprise the listener whether its on their CD or performing live. If you are looking for a sound that is unique, that reaches inside to the heart and soul, The Wicker Men are for you."
~Mikail Graham
Nevada city Music Events

PROSPECTOR: What is with your unusual names?

HOJJI FIREMAKER: The name The Wicker Men comes from a yearning to describe ourselves and our relation with nature, our connection, and integral part of the seasons. It is symbolic of our bodies, the food that we eat, and the sacrifices that are made to sustain us. Traditionally, the Celts built wooden effigies out of the limbs of the forest and field and allegedly locked inside and burnt criminals of serious offenses, Christian proselytizers, and prisoners of war. Apparently they did so ritualistically, with the changes of the seasons, to preserve their culture and lay waste to that which is old and make way for the new.

PATIENCE YANDERLING: It is a door way for people to come in and experience our music for awhile, step into the phoenix, feel the burn, and leave renewed.

HF: Hojji loosely means a spiritual traveler in the Muslim religion, which interested me 15 years ago, but no longer fits, and Firemaker comes from the craft of making fire with two sticks that I mastered in my 20s. It is a name that reflects a skill, kind of like Miller or Smith.

PY: My grandmother and mother were constantly telling me that I needed to have patience and one day while hitchhiking, I was stuck on the freeway and saw a sign that said you must have a lot of patience to hitchhike out of this spot.

PROS: How long have you two been doing this?

HF: Individually, we have been making music all of our lives, together since the summer of 1998.

PROS: Where do you perform, tour?

HF: Mostly small tours with a couple of festivals in a row in Northern California and Oregon. We just performed at the Earthdance Festival in Laytonville. We will be opening for Zepparella at the Miners Foundry, in Nevada City on Oct. 6. People can check out our MySpace page link on our Web site for tour dates-www. or www.

PROS: What are some of your goals for your music?

PY: We are looking for somebody to play bass or cello and a manager. Our long term vision is to share our music internationally.

PROS: What about CDs?

HF: We have one CD that just came out in June called "Earth Cry."

PY: We have enough material for at least two more; it is just a matter of funding and opportunities to record.

PROS: What is the most stand-out thing about your music that seems to reach people and why?

HF: The depth and uniqueness. We have such a full sound that really catches people initially, being only two of us, and our classic mystique.

PROS: Is all your music original? Who writes it and by what is the writing inspired?

PY: It is all original, I write all of the music and lyrics.

HF: I listen to him and create instruments/sounds that can express the images it paints in my mind. We are inspired from a variety of sources, experience, visions, intuition, etc.

PROS: Tell us something about the instruments you play.

HF: The double necked acoustic guitar has both six and twelve stringed necks. It allows full ambient strumming as well as the option to have more precise fingering. The djembe gives a comforting bass that resonates and clear crisp treble tones, therefore it is a dynamic choice. The Bell Harp, I built myself, has bells from India and Tibet, as well as six cymbals and a kick gong, that creates sounds as extreme as a flickering tickle like that of crackling fire or snow falling, to crescendos of thunder or waves crashing together in the ocean. We also play electrically with my full drum kit, but circumstances with venues, no bass player, and portability have lead us to this arrangement.

PROS: Why the throat singing?

HF: Throat singing is a very ancient singing style, practiced by Central Asian cultures, such as the Tuvans.

PY: I was called to it out of the interest to show you the deep and dark forces of nature.

PROS: Tell me a little bit about the Druid influence; gypsy, too?

HF: We are interested in and drawn to the elements of nature, and the beauty of the sounds of gypsy players, so though we are not gypsies or druids, the music we play does have that quality.

PROS: Any final comments?

HF: We are very grateful to contribute to the KVMR Celtic festival, celebrating our neo-traditional culture and our community. It will be a great time for all. Come on out and be a part of the magic!
- The Union Newspaper


The Wicker Men, encapsulates the Celtic lore of earth magic with images of bards, gypsies, and the druids, who summon up mythical lands the like of Tolkien and Stonehenge...
~Rich Olberleitner - The Union Newspaper


Listening to The Wicker Men is like taking a journey through a timeless
realm... You'll hear images of Celtic lands with Eastern Asian overtones... Their music and songs, are like stories that never fail to enchant and surprise the listener whether its on their CD or performing live. If you are looking for a sound that is unique, that reaches inside to the heart and soul, The Wicker Men are for you.

An Excerpt written by:

Mikail Graham
Creative Director
Nevada City Music Events - Mikail Graham, Creative Director of Nevada City Music Events


“A Remarkable Duo!”

~Amy Terhorst
Owner of Empire Events
Promoter for the KVMR Celtic Festival
- Amy Terhorst


“The Wicker Men got the house jumping from the moment the show started! ”

~Emilio Miller-Lopez
Concert Owner/Promoter of the Faerieworlds and FaerieCon Festivals - Emelio Miller-Lopez


Label: Earth Cry Records
Produced by Hojji Firemaker

Label: Projectus Musicus
Produced by Patience Yanderling



THE WICKER MEN create earthen music that speaks from deep within. With instruments from many cultures, they blend their voices, to paint a sound all their own. Dynamically intertwining Druid Imagery, Folk Storytelling, and the Passion of the Gypsies.

from Los Angeles, California,
is a singer songwriter multi-instrumentalist, that plays a double necked six and twelve stringed acoustic/electric guitar, electric guitar, bass, flutes, didgeridoo, and the great highland and shuttle bagpipes.
His lyrics and vocal style range from Tuvanesque throat singing, sounding like that of the Gyuto Monks, to epic ballads that whisk you away to another time.

from Nevada City, California,
is a multi-percussionist that plays an elaborate and unique drum kit, consisting of a djembe, an exotic sounding ‘bell harp’, with cymbals and a pedal kick gong . His style ranges from fluttering harmonic tickles to intense primal power.

Together they are THE WICKER MEN, who have enchanted audiences at their home in Nevada City, and at venues along the west coast of the U.S.

THE WICKER MEN’s “Earth Cry” Debut CD captures the beauty and force of their Magic.