The Widow James

The Widow James


Straight-ahead, solid, driving Rock-n-Roll.


Falling solidly into the category of "rock," The Widow James brings a refreshing classic style to the genre. Mixing influences ranging from Sabbath and The Stones. to Oasis and Foo Fighters, they write songs based on lyrical hooks, powerful vocals, driving guitars, solid grooves, and an overlying attitude of straight-up Rock n Roll. All of these elements come together to create something that is timeless and refreshing.

For almost two years the band played around their hometown of Birmingham, AL under the name The Influence. Now, with a solid line-up, fresh material, and an unstoppable sense of momentum, The Widow James is setting their sites beyond the Magic City.

Jason Cunningham's vocal style is reminiscent of the days when vocalists sang with attitude and believability. His voice has the presence and the power that is often missing in today's rock music. Evoking and relaying emotion vocally is Cunningham's specialty. When he sings, you believe him. His guitar work is also top-notch, providing complex layers and colors to help build the huge sound and support the song.

Lead guitar duties are held by Tony Faletta. His fancy fret-work is the product of emotion and dedication to his craft. Ripping off face-burning leads and solos are no problem. When he hits a lick, you not only hear it, you feel it. Pure energy.

Steve Wheeler provides crafty guitar work and soulful backing vocals. His rhythmic abilities add color and a certain feel to the songs. His accents are crucial to the huge, driving sound of The Widow James. His background vocals really reinforce the songs, and often take the lyrical content to another level.

Robert Vandrell handles the low-end of The Widow James. Robert's bass skills hone in on the songs as a whole and support the structures fully. Combining a solid approach with tasteful accents adds to the driving force of The Influence. He is one-half of a very solid rhythm section.

The second half of this rhythm section is Patrick Odeneal. With a driving, energetic style and the ability to play what's needed, Odeneal's drumming lays the carpet for The Influence. Carrying the rhythms is his main goal, but he doesn't hesitate to add a tasty accent here or there.

Together these five collaborate to create what can only be described as Rock N Roll. Focusing on the songs above all else gives The Widow James a sound that is engaging and unique. Fans of all categories of rock music can find something they like in The Widow James.


Full-length Album recorded in 2005. Currently Unreleased.

Set List

Set typically includes 9-14 original songs, with a one or two covers thrown in for fun. Songs The Influence has covered in the past:
Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)
Highway to Hell (AC/DC)
Let's Get it On (Marvin Gaye)
Breakdown (Tob Petty)