noisey, moody pop.. dirty and honest.. a modern take on SUICIDE w/ southern twang.


Started in cleveland 2000 as a side project... relocated to texas in 2003 and the wiggins took on a life of it own.
The wiggins have played w/ QUINTRON, DANIEL JOHNSTON, TIMES NEW VIKING and many more. Included in SXSW 2007. The song "WHEN I GET UP" was featured on cbs's 'HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER".. Latest 7"(released on DULL KNIFE RECORDS) received fantastic reviews from DUSTED MAGAZINE and SEVENTENWTWELVE..THE WIGGINS were just feature in IMOSEMAGAZINE:
"The Wiggins is Jon Read, a gritty one man garage-rock machine from space:
A stowaway orphan of an Apollo mission, Jon Read landed sometime ago in the lower half of the lower 48 in Space City, Houston. He’s played with all the requisite, gritty anti-popularity contests from that corner of outsider Americana (Daniel Johnston, Indian Jewelry, Quintron). He’s also played with the Black Lips, which on a track like “Dog”, might be the band he’s most easily aligned with sonically. Here are some good down home freak-outs fit for the rising star employees of the 13th Floor."
THE WIGGINS known for intense high energy live show that keeps the fans glued.


Feed the Ghost 7" on DULL KNIFE(2008)
Greatest APES LP on girl gang records(2005)
16 hits!(limited CDR) girl gang records (2004)

Set List

sets are about 30 mins.

tv summer
In the night
watch the trees burn
a random cover(something by otis redding??)
When I get up