The Wild Artisans

The Wild Artisans


Our band is a group of young men committed to making a unique sound with the mixture of an acoustic hard rock sound and an alternative classic rock sound. Our music is all written by ourselves and we love what we play. Our main goal is to distribute and share our music with the world.


Our band was originally created by Alex Rolston and Kyle Cavanagh. They had brought in myself (Bruce Kennedy) and Wes Gerwein after a couple of weeks. Later on in the months, we were sad to see our original Lead guitarist (Alex Rolston) leave the band due to artistic and personal differences but was replaced with another great musician by the name of Matt Klassen. The Line-up for the band is as follows :

- Kyle Cavanagh : Lead Singer, Rhythm guitar
- Wes Gerwein : Drums/Percussion
- Matt Klassen : Lead Guitar
- Bruce Kennedy : Bass Guitar

What sets us apart from other bands? Not too much really. We're all striving to show everyone our music. Some of us will make it and some of us won't. It's how life works. Hopefully we'll get lucky and someone sees our potential.


Our tracks are on Youtube and our Facebook page.