The Wildlife

The Wildlife


Mano Dio Gracias writes everyday and brings the fruits of his labor to the weekly rehearsal. The result is the wildlife's own brand of tricked out classic pimp rock! A little bit of lo-fi rock mixed with digital atmospherics and kick ass vocals with a subtle soul inflected flavor.


The band is influenced by the sounds of Hayward, CA, a suburb of San Francisco. Beyond that, the wildlife's roots can be traced to the Beatles, David Bowie, Lou Reed, SADE, and Sonic Youth. What sets us apart from most bands is the vocalist and songwriter Mano Dio Gracias. Growing up Filipino-American in the suburbs of San Francisco has influenced his lyrical point of view. The band also lacks pretentious rockstar behaviour. They are all loveable guys. Pick your favorite member or collect them all!!


The Sweet Plastic LP (2004)
Neanderthal Man Recording Techniques EP (2004)
the wildlife album in production (2005)
Mano Dio Gracias solo record (2005)

Set List

Our set usually runs 40 minutes to an hour. There is an extensive catalog of songs to choose from because everyday Mano writes and brings the songs to the rest of the band weekly. But typically 10 songs. We don't do covers, but we would probably do a blur song or a beatles song.