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"Vince Bierworth’s 5 Minutes of New Rock : The WILD, Wild North"

In 2011 The WILD, Wild North formed consisting of two members of Peterborough's Young Again project: Josh “Chachi” Robichaud and Jason Dufrane (the brother of Josh Dufrane, four years his senior). Now a year later, this brand new band is all set to release their debut EP. Check out the 1st single Don't Start Making Your Way Back Home. - The WOLF 101.5 FM Peterborough, Ontario

"Matt Mayes, Gentlemen Husbands & WILD Wild North"

On June 15, Canadian indie-rocker Matt Mays hit the stage at the Red Dog for a show with Cobourg’s Gentlemen Husbands and Peterborough’s own The Wild, Wild North...And of course, mention must also be made of the first opening act, Petebrorough’s own The Wild, Wild North, composed of Chachi Robichaud, bassist for The Spades, and Jason Dufrane, along with an occasional rotation of drummers. Still a relatively new band, the North’s music is good, but they still have a ways to go in separating themselves from The Spades – currently The North’s producers, their record company (through the band’s 7th Fire Records initiative), half their membership, and their clear musical inspiration. It can be tough for a new band to distinguish itself, especially since the North’s songs, which range from lazy twangy country to tight indie-rock, fall into the same general genres as The Spades.

However, the North’s sound is much more acoustic than The Spades. And, of course, the main element that distinguishes them from The Spades (and likely the band’s best feature) is the rough, energetic, and expressive style of Chachi Robichaud. It certainly appears in his raw whiskey-voice vocals, but also in the way he nearly attacks his acoustic guitar while playing it, and his tremendously enjoyable, slightly flailing stage presence. It’s an excellent base on which to build a band, and with some pretty catchy songs under their belt, and given a little more time and effort, The Wild, Wild North have the potential to be something very good. - Electric City Live


The WILD, Wild North EP released July 31, 2012



It’s hard to imagine where the members of this band would be without Josh Dufrane; a musician from Peterborough, Ontario who died as a result of a motorcycle crash at the age of 20 after an evening’s performance at a local pub. At that time Josh was playing in a band with Tommy Street and Josh “Chachi” Robichaud called The 9th Cloud, (the surviving two members later joined with James McKenty forming The Spades).

In the years that followed Josh’s death, his friends would get together to preform songs written by Josh at various events, giving listeners the opportunity to hear some of the late-musician’s work and also to raise money for a music scholarship that was set up in his name. The name of the project was called Young Again.

In 2011 The WILD, Wild North formed consisting of two members of the Young Again project: Josh “Chachi” Robichaud and Jason Dufrane (the brother of Josh Dufrane, four years his senior).

While their set-list is still peppered with songs by the late-musician, The WILD, Wild North have been developing a rock sound of their own and are showcasing a new collection of original songs in upcoming performances and on their new CD. The new songs were recorded with engineer James McKenty (Blue Rodeo, Cuff The Duke) and producer Tommy Street (Seventh Fire Records label head) at The Narrows/Pirate Radio Studio. The self titled EP was released on Seventh Fire Records in July of 2012 accompanied by a critically acclaimed video for the single "Don't Start Making Your Way Back Home".