The Wilson Band

The Wilson Band


The Wilson Band has a sound that reminds you of Classic Rock from the 60's and 70's stirred in with a modern day radio feel. They play cover song's as though they wrote it.


The Wilson Band plays covers and originals.
From writing, recording, touring, ect.... these guy's have done it all and they keep doing it because they love it.
The money is not their motivation.
It's pure passion that The Wilson Band has that keeps them going.
They admit that they may not be the best band around in central Indiana but it takes the best to beat them.
Whether it's song writing, performing,sounding great live or the cover song's they choose, they stay on a competitive course.

After all, It is not just the music,
It is also the MUSIC BUSINESS that allows them to make friends,contacts,recordings, gigs and of course MONEY.
Thats how they afford what they do.
But at this level, theres not much money to be had. But you can not replace the feeling of playing to people and have them react positive to your performance.
Thats priceless !
Why do you think guys like Paul McCartney still tour.
It's not for the money !

Tony Wilson was second place winner in Excaliburs song writng compition and recently recieved a Platinum Auddy Award for the song LIKE A RIVER.
Check out some of their originals !

Places THe Wilson Band has played in and around Indianapolis :(Formally as The Weedz)

1. Birdy's Bar & Grill

2. Peppers

3. Zanies Too

4. Rock Lobster

5. The Patio (Spin Night Club)

6. Locals only

7, Hill Top Tavern

8. Joes Grill #7

9. Russ' Bar west side

10. Richards Bar & Grill Fortville

11. The Fortville Pub

12. The Cube Down Town

13. The Point After South Side

14. Razors

15. The Library Bar Cicero

16. Sheridan Bar & Grill

17. Kellys Grill Fishers

18. Richmond Bar & Grill

19. American Legion Fortville

20. American Legion Fishers

21. The Blind Pig South Side

22. The Ugly Monkey Down Town

23. American Cancer Society Annual Benifit

24. Barley Island Pub & Grill Noblesville

25. Kami's Kause Annual Benifit

26. Tipton Elks Club

27. 500 Mini Marathon 4 years in a row

28. Parrot Heads East Side

29. Beer Seller Castleton

30. Nu-Tech Roofing Company Party

29. Fortville VFW

30. Tipton Elks Club

31. The Music Mill's Whammy Bar

And numerous private and public affairs.


Like A River

Written By: Tony Wilson

Like a River

Like a river
running strong
are memories
of you on my mind
And like a sharp wind
That carved a mountain
thoughts of you
eroding away my time

And I
I swear
any time
any where
I dont care
If you need me
I'll be there

like an oak tree
thats rooted firmly
Is my devotion
to you
I will always
be there if you need me
As sure as the ocean is deep and blue
So blue

Written by
Tony Wilson
12419 old Orchard Drive
Indianapolis Indiana

C. 2008


The Wilson Band(Formally The Weedz) is very proud of the fact that they are the only band in Rock history to have all four Beatles appear on an independent release.
And all legal and copyrights have been settled!
You can hear this song in This EPK.
It's called "YESTERDAY WAS" and it's a tribute to the Fab 4.
They have also recieved a Platinum Auddy Award for the song LIKE A RIVER .

Set List

The Wilson Band plays four 45 minute sets. Cover songs, they can play.
50's/60's to the present.But they have 40 original songs that they have written.
Elvis, The Beatles, Oasis, Kid Rock,Guns and Roses, Electric Light Orchestra, Jackson Brown, Jame Taylor, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eric Clapton,Velvet Revolver.... just a few of the artist The Wilson Band covers with thier own music put into the mix.

See Set list below :
( Songs with an "*" are original Wilson compisitions)

Set List ( Guide )

(Usually) 4 Sets. 45 Minutes. 15 Minute Break.
Or, we can Rock-n-Roll all nite !

1. Stuck in the middle with you

2. Move it on over

3. Your mama dont dance

4. Tore down

5. Blue suede shoes

6. I aint drunk (Im just drinkin)

7. Shower the people

8. Last dance w/ Mary Jane

9. Already gone

10. Knock'n on Heavens door

11. Proud Mary

12. Good day for the blues

13. L.A. Woman

14. Cant get it out of my head

15. I want to hold yo