The Wind-Up Toys

The Wind-Up Toys


The Wind-Up Toys are like a breath of fresh air amidst the LA smog. Cleverly blending acoustic guitar with electric rock, our tunes take you on a fun-filled rollercoaster ride through musical genres while never straying far from our own unique sound.


The Wind-Up Toys are a unique bonding across age boundaries and musical styles. Aaron Tye, an acoustic guitar player and songwriter who sings in a passionate baritone range, fronts the band. He recruited his best friend Ben Morey to play lead guitar. His next move was to incorporate Jeff Stegen and Greg Avalos. Greg is Aaron's second cousin and has been playing bass in various bands/projects for over 20 years with Jeff (drums). This strong and seasoned rhythm section made it easy for Aaron to get creative and start building a set that spans different genres.

Since then The Wind-Up Toys have been steadily building a following and are poised to bring their unique songwriting and melting pot of electric/acoustic rock to a larger audience.


A Demo disc that has been handed out at our shows and whatever is streamed via myspace or facebook.

Set List

Sets generally run approximately 1 hour and include the following standards. We have other tunes that we bring in or out depending on allotted time.

Tom Petty's Tea Party
Zombie Girlfriend
Tune To My Sis
The Monster
She Reads Markings
Paper Fan
One Word Living Bite
Crowded in Solitude

At this time we are not doing any covers.