The Wings

The Wings


We are a young, dynamic, guitar driven, reggae, roots and dub trio with a passion for the music we love and a strong desire to succeed in the music industry.


The Wings are a roots/reggae/dub trio on the move.
They are young, have musical talent to burn and play a hip, reggae-infused, original style of music that has widespread youth appeal.

After they had won a major band competition in 2005, the guys started to get serious about "gettin' their music around the world" - music for which they are becoming renown. Over 20 original, solid and
album worthy songs plus a few, carefully selected covers. They have also just recorded their debut demo at the plush Velvet Sound Studios in Sydney.

The band features Jim Wilson out front on vocals, electric guitars, 6/12 string acoustic guitars, lapsteel guitar, didgeridoo, djembe (not all at once!) backed by the solid rhythm section of Liam Copland (bass, backing vocals, melodica) and Kieran Ryan-Colton (drums, guitars).

While the band itself is fairly new, their friendship goes back several years and is now evolving into something fresh and vibrant through a commitment to their music and lifestyle.

Their biggest influences come from the New Zealand dub scene (Salmonella Dub, Trinity Roots) and the Australian roots scene (John Butler, The Beautiful Girls, Xavier Rudd)

Their earthy style and emerging talent have seen them added to the lineup for The Illawarra Folk Festival 2006 and the annual South Coast
"Park Custom Bike Show 2006".
In the meantime, regular bookings are starting to come the band's way. The band have also played the
prestigious Heritage Hotel, Wollongong's finest live music venue.

Visit their 'myspace' website which has mp3's, pictures and many comments about their music from people around the world at:



Written By: The Wings

The lion is the sun
The lions reign has just begun
Open your eyes and see
Fire gonna burn, the snake he don’t sleep

When the lion be the law, see the people soar
When the law be the reason the lions fighting for,
When a roar be our law, when a lion be our king
When the good people rule, the snake is nothing

Never fear the lion he is near
Rain will fall, people will hear
Place your trust in the lions paw
Thunder will strike, the snake he will fall

His prowl speaks the sea, he strikes when you breathe,
He feels nothing less than the wind and the trees
Lion is king, king of love and peace
Lion is everything, when will people see?

Lion breathes hope to you and me
The jaws crush all against humanity
The tail shakes off oppression and fear
You can feel it in your heart, the lion is near

Help help lion, come save me
I am having much trouble trying to be free
Help help lion, my friend he bleeds
Show him the way yah, set him free

Snake he slithers against the flow
Snake he bites, all people know
Snake he slides under the leaves
Eventually slipping in

Lion he bites, he scratch, he roars
For sure your door he standin’ by
Lion he knows eventually people will see
The world must breathe


Written By: The Wings

a patch is just a cover
a cover is not real
a simple imperfection
or a heavy ordeal
when it all piles up on you
you dont know what to do
try to walk along
please walk along
no road can last this long

(pre chorus)
im so confused as i travel across this bumpy road
so battered and bruised
ohh so cold
ohh so fragile
ohh so real
do i love you?
so you say
it was a mistake to break my heart like that
so you say
it was the closest that youve ever felt
so i say
i miss how things were
i miss it all
but i dont miss my tears
miss my tears

do you believe in karma
do you believe in a god
do you believe your life is ruined
do you believe you have nothing
i will always care for you
no matter what you do
please let me trust you
please girl you have to change

Man Can Offer

Written By: The Wings

Verse 1
Get off my lawn
Its 3 o’clock in the morning
What you got to have
I don’t got
What you got to give
I don’t want
Let it be a war
I don’t want
Walk away, from this pain, theres no shame
It’s a stupid game

Why don’t we shoot each other
In the name of religion
Why don’t we kill them all
In the hope that we got the right ones
The stench of corruption
Masks what we’ve done
But whos to blame?
When we are left with none

Verse 2
What can man offer?
Time and pain
Love and hate
War and death
Laughter and fever
I believe that its easier to put it that way
You can see green in their eyes
Its their only prize
Fire in their fist
Power in their wrist
Absence of heart sets them apart

I look forward to a time
When there are no land mines
I look forward to a place
Were people arnt judged by their race
I look forward to a city
With environmental sustainability
This is all a dream, all a dream
That I hope will come


As stated the band has recorded at VELVET SOUND Studios in Sydney Australia. Their 2 track session includes the tunes "WASTED TIME" and "I'M A TAKE YOU THERE"

Set List

The set list is comprised of mostly originals with several covers included. Artists that are covered include Ben Harper, Bob Marley, JBT.
Currently we are good for two solid sets of one hours duration each.