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The best kept secret in music


"The Winnie Coopers"

The Winnie Coopers from the Gold Coast won the triple j call-out for an unsigned hip hop outfit to open Ugly Duckling's only Australian solo show in Melbourne on 29 September. 50 acts entered the quest, run through Maya Jupiter's hip hop show. Their track 'Success' off their debut album Being Different is playlisted on triple j
Christie Eliezer - September 2005

Winnie Coopers
Being Different
(Starving Kids)
The Winnie Coopers are probably the best hip hop act in the country right now. Not because their beats or rhymes are necessarily better than anyone elses'. No. The reason they’re so great is because they’re not afraid to nerd out and talk about crap television, being rubbish at stuff and pop culture. To quote Raekwon, they came in the game ‘doing they’re own thing’. That kinda individuality is in short supply when it comes to local hip hop.
Scene Mag  - Monster Zero January 2006

The Winnie Coopers
Being Different (2005)
(Starving Kids)

When an aussie school teacher and web designer came together to form a hip/hop act on the Gold Coast is was always going to be a bit different. The result is a smooth sounding aussie hip/hop record with sounds and tones that conjuer up a warm summer afternoon aussie BBQ.
The opening track after the intro, ‘Success’ is a quirky but catchy tune with elements drawn from ‘The Beastie Boys’ and ‘The Avalanches’. Programmed beats, funky bass lines and flowing vocal lines provided by lead vocalist ‘The Educator’. The 3rd track ‘Geek Manifesto’ speaks to all Australian nerds and has been receiving good airplay on JJJ’s home and hosed show.
The whole album flows well with a mix of snappy party tunes and relaxing aussie hip/hop,backed by DJ Webstar. I am one of the first to get tired of aussie accents in hip/hop, but this record was easy listening and left me feeling a lot better about the state of aussie hip/hop.
Track 5 ‘Analgesic’ and track 10 ‘Everything you see’ show a developed sence of production and songwriting that make this album a very worthwhile purchase.
The vocals are well rehearsed and well performed, the beats, fx and loops are also well arranged. If anything the whole album feels a little light in texture from the backing insrtuments and all drum programming, but makes up for it in production ideas, tones and catchy vocals.
I liked this album, is one of the better aussie hip/hop albums out on the market. It will be great to see these Gold Coast boys ripping it up in the future, speaking their minds and having some fun. They are currently holding a comp to win a performance by them at your very own aussie BBQ. Check it out yo’ll.

Reviewed by Johnny.N.Torso- Undertow Magazine, September 2005


The Winnie Coopers are the band responsible for the highly infectious hip-hop ditty ‘Success’ which has been on high rotation at Triple J lately, and they have fans as crazy about the group as the forum-addicted fans of Arctic Monkeys. Maybe this is because the Gold Coast act are as far removed from the hip-hop stereotype as say, Britney Spears is from a credible career.

You see, they claim to be geeks. But this writer thinks they’re pulling his leg.

If you’ve seen Revenge of the Nerds, you know that nerds don’t do hip-hop.

“I wish it was just a gimmick, but alas, it is true,” vocalist The Educator says. “The Winnie Coopers consists of two school captains, one student council representative, one student newspaper editor and a chess club member, so you can imagine what we were like at school.

“I think nerds can do anything they put their minds to,” The Educator says. “What surprises me is how our music has been able to reach many fellow nerds - I think we have encouraged many dweebs to embrace their geekiness and be proud of who they are. For me, I think that is what hip-hop is all about; being honest about one’s life and interests and not trying to be something that you’re not.”

As much as we agree, we’re still not convinced. You’re going to have to do better than that to convince Time Off readers you know how many ones and zeros it takes to change a light bulb. For one thing, you’ve supported the likes of Ugly Duckling, and blown crowds away on the Big Day Out circuit!

“To give you an idea of my nerdishness, I have spent the last two years developing English resources that incorporate both hip hop and Shakespearean plays to assist students learning about The Bard,” the Educator reveals. “The resources, called The Shakespeare Sessions, will be released later this year.”

The Winnie Coopers support De La Soul at Arena Saturday Apr 1.


Gold Coast What’s Up Forum April 5th 2006

HELPING the Gold Coast’s next wave of talent make an impac - Various Press/Reveiws


"being different" LP 2005, "still different" EP 12"vinyl
tracks "success" and "geek manifesto" have recieved national radio airplay including high rotation on triple j australia's national 'alternative' station. "analgesic remix" won best hip hop song at 2006 qsong awards


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Winnie Coopers – Revenge of the Nerds
Remember those students at school who sat down the front, finished their homework and joined the school council? Taunted. Rejected. Disillusioned. They now seek revenge in the form of the Gold Coast hip hop crew The Winnie Coopers. The project started in 2002 with founding member and vocalist The Educator and various collaborating friends. Since then, The Winnie Coopers has evolved into the current five piece line up comprised of (left to right above) Big Bad (turntables and percussion), Young Tubs (bass and vocals), The Educator, Eloquence (vocals and guitar) and Fingers Malone (drums).

Their first album “Being Different” (SK Records/MRA Distribution) released in June 2005, has been described as “…one of a kind, these tracks will have you laughing yet seriously thinking in no time…a really good listen for someone who is after something completely out of the ordinary” (Chanel Bortolo, To satisfy their growing fan base, tagged “The Geek Squad”, the Coopers released a limited edition 12” vinyl entitled “Still Different” (Butterbeats Records) to the delight of DJ’s everywhere.

Even in their short history, The Winnie Coopers have some prize scalps to their name. This includes winning the inaugural Musicoz hip hop award for the song “Success”, and recently winning a Qmusic Award Best Hip Hop Release for “Analgesic Remix” which was a track on the 12” vinyl. These dweebs also won Triple J’s Hip Hop Show’s competition to support U.S. crew Ugly Duckling for their two sold out shows at The Revolver in Melbourne, October 2005. Ugly Duckling were so impressed they have booked The Coopers for support slots for their shows this summer. “Success” has recieved high rotation on Triple J and other national stations. Their hilarious film clips for “Success” and “Geek Manifesto” have also received frequent broadcasts on Rage and Channel V.

The band has been touring and performing relentlessly up and down the east coast of Australia including a famous set at the Gold Coast Big Day Out, packing the Hot House stage with over 5,000 punters. Most recently this year they played to a crowd of several thousand at Parklife Festival. The Winnie Coopers have shared the stage with the likes of Resin Dogs, Xavier Rudd, TZU, Bliss ‘n’ Eso, Regurgitator, Butterfingers, Koolism, Good Buddha and international supports for De La Soul and Ugly Duckling. In August 2006, the crew was invited to record a live set for JTV and Triple J’s Home and Hosed program at the ABC studios in Sydney as part of their extensive “Being Different Tour.” Part of the set was aired on the ABC national TV program JTV. The band will be playing at BBQ Breaks festival in the new year along side Ugly Duckling.

Combining laidback and party tunes with lyrics all nerds can relate to, The Winnie Coopers guarantee to rock the party out. One can only hope their peers will stop teasing them soon. Learn why they are considered, “…probably the best hip hop band in Australia at the moment” (Monster Zero, Scene Magazine, January 2006).