The Winter Kings

The Winter Kings

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with a musical style that is a sea of genres. With a pace that ebbs and flows as poignant lyrics writhe and ride through stormy waves of passionate conflict. Facinating, absorbing and very memorable.


The Winter Kings, based in the East of England write powerful, emotive, melody driven music with a dark and introspective lyrical base. Underpinned by the fusion of Delderfield's epic guitar work and Kehoe's haunting vocal, their work is difficult to define in terms of influence but should appeal to fans of the atmospheric rock of Interpol and the National and the dark lyrical leanings of Nick Cave and Arcade Fire.

The band's live set has drawn a lot of media attention after incendiary performances at The Secret Garden Party Festival and in venues in London, Cambridge, Peterborough and Dublin. A UK tour to promote the forthcoming single is already underway. Reviews of the band's music and performance have been, without exception, laudatory and their fan base continues to grow apace.

Black Caravan, the powerful new single by The Winter Kings is now availabe to download.The song has already attracted widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike and an accompanying video, featuring Lois Winstone, will be distributed in parallel


The Black Caravan EP.
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Set List

45 mins. All original material.