The Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics

 London, England, GBR

The Winter Olympics are the Olympics are an unlikely riot: all loose loud guitars, warehouse sized rave keys and lion-lunged love songs about girls, work and spaceships. They play like five IT guys who happen to be hiding The Stooges inside, they sound like a bomb going off inside a tiny radio.


1) The Winter Olympics are Martin Bowman (guitars) Nick Dutton (bass) Bruce Graham (drums) James Mitchell (keys) and Andrew Wagstaff (singing).

2) Nick and Andrew are friends from school. They met James at college. James met Martin at University. Martin met Bruce playing five-a-side football for the London Underground.

3) The band formed in the year 2000.

4) At the time Andrew was trying (and failing) to be a music journalist. His writing might not of won him any prizes, but it did give him a wealth of ideas about what a PROPER band should be like. He started telling Martin all about it in the pub, and is still telling him today.

5) A proper band should be AMAZING. In a proper band, every note should be played like you're headlining Reading. Even if you can't really play. In fact, especially if you can't really play. Being able to play isn't actually that important, being AMAZING is. In proper band's songs the words should mean something. Even when that something is stupid. Proper bands might be funny but they'd better not be joking. Proper bands should never apologise for rocking. Proper bands should never say "this is a new song" until they are at least as big as The Stones. If you're just Dermo from Grumblebuggy playing to three drunk dudes and the lady who does the coats, don't you dare mumble something about your new song. Just do the hits. The coat lady deserves better than your sorry shit. Proper bands shouldn't worry about being successful. Being AMAZING is success in itself and it doesn't really matter if no one knows it. Proper bands should be punk rock but also punctual and polite. It might be nice if they bought you all a drink for the effort you've made in going out to see them too... That really would be amazing. A proper band should.... (you get the idea)

6) Partly to try and achieve this vision (and partly as an excuse to be allowed out on a school night) Nick and Bruce joined the band which was originally called (against Martin's wishes) 'Bowman'.

7) The band released their debut single in 2008 through Office Rock. They also appear on the Satellites and Clouds comp 'Little Pieces of Sky' doing Is It Leaves? and the 100% Basingstoke charity comp performing Attention all Departments.

8) James joined the band in 2007. They haven't played a bad show since.

9) Nick took three months out of the band (paternity leave) in early 2008. His deputy was Kids Near Water bass player (and our best mate) John Astbury.

10) The Winter Olympics 'ep1' is out on Office Rock Recordings. You can buy it now from iTunes and eMusic and reputable indie record stores.

11) The band are looking to book as many shows as they can in the coming months to promote their new ep. Hopefully many of these will be at their newly adopted home venue of The Windmill in Brixton.


Feeling European

Written By: Andrew Wagstaff

Girl you know I'd love you like a holiday.
I'm packing the essentials and I've got my money changed.
I’ve been thumbing through the guide books,
I've been studying the map
To find your points of local interest
And take you off the beaten track.

Well it wasn’t quite the holiday that you had planned,
You said I couldn’t find the campsite and my sleeping bag was damp.
But I bought a brand new phrase book
And baby by tonight,
I’ll have learnt a million ways to say
That I can blow your mind.

When we go to sleep this evening we’ll be feeling European,
We’ll be steeped in history and swimming in warm beer,
I’ll be staring at your architecture and staggered by your art,
But worried that the politics will tear us both apart.

I’ve got to get away, on holiday, on an aeroplane.

Kolle alaaf you. Kolle alaaf you.

Speed Equals Distance Over Time

Written By: Andrew Wagstaff

Everyone laughed at the tortoise when he limped over the line.
Although he had been victorious, we all knew the hare hadn't tried.
Because in his post-race interview, he seemed pleased with second place.
He said, "When you reach my level, there's no such thing as an easy race."

Run, run, run, run. run.
Speed equals distance over time (run away, run away)

I'll see you at the starting line.
The tortoise signed an autograph for a bored, bored looking child,
When the hare came careering past he found it hard not to smile.
Because he'd signed a deal that would keep him in the papers for weeks,
And a hot shoe contract where all he had to do was sleep.

Run, run, run, run. run.

Speed equals distance over time (run away, run away)
I'll see you at the starting line.
Speed equals distance over time (run away, run away)
I'll see you at the starting line.

Just Another Sunday

Written By: Andrew Wagstaff

Getting healed in a field
With a hundred thousand people;
Phones in the air
And their backs to the speakers.
This generation
Loves its photo taken

And we're standing at the back
Just like Stadtler and Waldorf
Secretly hoping
The whole thing is called off,
"This ain't half bad,"
"No. It's all awful."

We must have prayed for rain
James says he's never coming here again.

It's just another Sunday
With Martin and James.
This is what we came here for.

Martin was the man of the match,
He covered every blade of the grass.
By the end of the weekend
He'd got pleurisy
And swapped his credit card
For a fiver and some e's.
He must have played for rain.
James said he's never coming here again.

It's just another Sunday
With Martin and James
It's just another Sunday
On an industrial estate
This is what we were training for.

It's just another Sunday
With Martin and James.
It's just another Sunday
With Thunder and Suede.
This is what we came here for
This is why we trained.


The Winter Olypics 'EP1' was released in September 2008. It's lead track 'Feeling European' is a BBC Radio Bristol hit (among many others - Smalltown America's podcast, Phonic Radio...

The Winter Olympics 'EP2' is out in May 2009

Set List

The Winter Olypics usually play for 30-40 minutes. No covers, no pyro, full commitment.

A typical set might be:

Attention All Departments
They Launched a Probe
The Great Outdoors
Speed Equals Distance Over Time
Just Another Sunday
Feeling European