The Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics

 London, England, GBR

The Winter Olympics are a dance punk, rock and roll man band from London, England.


The Winter Olympics are a dance punk, rock and roll man band from London England. Inspired by the DIY dignity of Dischord records, the deft funk of Daft Punk and the stadium metal standards of Def Leppard, the band marries literate lyrics to dance rock party beats and positive punk jams drawing comparisons with LCD Soundsystem, and The Hold Steady. They are noted for their entertaining live show which mixes an earnest punk intensity with a boozy barroom bonhomie that recalls Guided by Voices or the Replacements.

Their new record 'The Winter Olympics IV' featuring the songs 'I Miss The Nineties' and 'This Is The Fourth Time (I Have Been In Your House)' is available on cd and cassette, as well as from iTunes, eMusic and Amazon on March the 14th 2011.

The Winter Olympics are:

Andrew Wagstaff (vocals)
Martin Bowman (guitar)
Neil Mackay (bass)
Simon Oldham (drums)
Agatha Mlynar (keys)


The Winter Olympics IV (Office Rock)
1. I Miss the Nineties
2. This is the Fourth Time (I Have Been In Your House)

Playlisted on Slovakia's Radio_FM - the country's national new rock radio. Also played on Radio ARA in Luxembourg and various stations in the US.

The Winter Olympics III (Office Rock)
1. The Great Outdoors

The Winter Olympics II (Office Rock)
1. Attention All Departments
2. They Launched a Probe

The Winter Olympics EP (Office Rock)
1. Feeling European
2. Speed Equals Distance Over Time
3. Just Another Sunday