Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Seductive, melodic vocals accented by the roots of blues & jazz.
Ranges from Lucinda Williams-esque roots to pop punk. Highly versatile and always engaging.


After taking off like a shot in 2007 and being creditted with the #2 spot in SEE Magazines best shows of 2007, Sherry-Lee Wisor has stood on the shoulders of groups she's been a part of and pushed her music far beyond expectation. After 2 years, 2 European Tours and 1 critically acclaimed E.P. Wisor, (and her illustrious 'Wisor Trio') are slated to record a full length record and tour western Canada before the end of 2010.

With heavy influence from all musical styles and backgrounds, Wisor is embracing a more stripped down, rootsier atmosphere for her voice to really reach people's ears and hearts... which is no problem for her. She's cast-off the "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" stigma of the being a hired-gun-musician and has gone on to hire some guns of her own.

Sherry-Lee Wisor's name may seem a little new to you, but she's a music veteran, having played with the likes of JerryJerry & The Sons of Rhythm Orchestra, Po'girl, Jr. Gone Wild & The Mike MacDonald band to name a few.

Wisor consistently attracts some of the most sought after players in their hometown of Edmonton, Canada - all well-seasoned touring musicians and all singular in their styles. The Wisor Trio can suit any environment, from soft-seater concerts to folk festivals, to alternative clubs.

* * * *

Tom Murray has been electric and playing upright bass in the Edmonton area for many years with experience in punk bands like 'Pal Joey' to alternative/country bands such as 'ManRayGun' and 'Old Reliable'.

* * * *

'Fat Dave' Johnston has been playing in noisy rock & roll bands in Edmonton since the mid-nineties. Always being a leader and creating a name as a songwriter, he enjoys stepping back a bit to just play guitar. He's done time with The Fat Dave Crime Wave, The Rumble Strippers and Black Market Inc. to name a few.


Thoughts from the grey

Written By: Sherry-Lee Wisor

Blue November, their last day together
Magpie landed near the spot where they lay,
and the wind, it carried-
their words weren't so heavy a little breeze couldn't blow them away...
with that magpie, flew away
into yesterday.

I keep you in mind while i leave you behind,
and how a memory can punch you in the gut,
still something so simple as rain on my window brings you next to me here in the dark...
like we never got caught...
and those days were never lost.

So time, it keeps tripping
most days i'm admitting
that our chips always fall where they may,
sometimes it's too easy
to forget all the reasons you came north to my home in they grey...
I really hope that you're okay,
and certain memories never fade,
there's just nothing left to say
from my home in the grey.


like we never got caught
and those days were never lost
there's just nothing left to say,

Just some thoughts from the grey...

Like Quicksand

Written By: Sherry-Lee Wisor

he hit the ground uneasy, knees scraped but not bleeding,
a perfect day for making all the things he'd been fearing come true...

and if his methods seemed a little outdated it was only cuz his precious time was taken by a tragic little mishap named you...
oh you

so lie down beside me, cuz it's the last thing that's true
a love just like quicksand
made for me and you

painted toes and pretty clothes
a pocket full of happy pills
to take the edge off cutting words
and help her keep her mind off of you
oh you

and if she seems a little flighty, chock it up to too much coffee,
and too many years of making up and breaking up and being with you...
oh you

these lessons for learning
we've been beat black and blue
so kiss her so sweetly
and play nice, you two

darlin my sugar- oh, where have you been?
you know there's no other who gets under my skin...
it's where you've always been

so good night, sleep tight- no one compares with you,
and kiss her so sweetly,
and play nice, you two

yes good night, sleep tight- no one compares with you,
knocked out and bleeding,
oh what shall we do....


Written By: sherry-lee wisor

come on, let's set the stars alight
the night won't wait and you're outta sight
they passed the flame to you and me
i can't sit still and there's nothing on tv

yesterday's a heavy stone
we'll paint it with them ground up bones
that bleached out in the summer sun
that day that you and me were only one

time lays like a coiled snake
and space is just a heart to break
and you look like a home to me
and me, i'm just a small discrepancy

and i've always loved you madly
though i've been behaving badly

sweetness on your lips to taste
and bitter pills for us to take
looking through strange window panes
i can't sit still
you're running through my veins

and i've always loved you madly
though i've been behaving badly


Kiss. Bang.
June 2009

Set List

Capable of providing 2 60 minute sets consisting of roughly 65- 70% originals.
Covers include Harrisburg by Josh Ritter, 13 by Big Star, Racing in the Street by Bruce Springsteen, Drivin' on 9 by the Breeders, Hartlan by Tolan McNeil, Bonnie Prince Billy, The Carter Family