The Wizard Sleeve Trio

The Wizard Sleeve Trio


Psychadelic funk music mixed with dance and breakbeat. Sometimes improvised, other times completely composed. Can go from straight rock to groovy-jazzy soundscapes.


Wizard Sleeve Trio is a mix of many influences. From Mars Volta to Medeski Martin and Wood, WST incorporates ideas from everything that inspires them. Brent, Ken, and Phil have been active in various projects in the Pittsburg area for some time. Wizard Sleeve Trio is their latest incarnation of the creativity that they so much enjoy.


zoom salad

Written By: Wizard Sleeve Trio

Oh So Kansas. Sharin cigarettes and ashtrays we open up new pathways to art and a way of life. A hat and magic blanket says crumble it, no man dank it to the maximum attraction for this faction of gypsies, wookies, and pirates sold for a cruise round the horn of destiny. Ingest with me this quest we breath to someday undertake that mountain to Moses or Mohammed, or Gumby on a bender just tryin to remember when he spent his last sane night being understood the way only stop motion can....
Daydream? I say wet dream, and don't wake me up!


We have recently cut a new album, "Bluff City." With 3 guest musicians on Bari, Tenor, Saprano Sax, and Trombone.

Set List

We typically perform about 50 % pre-written, original music, 30% improvised form, and 20% cover material.
Covers are by Galactic, Medeski Martin and Wood, and Dave Bruebeck,