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"The Womb-EP Review"

The knock against The Womb used to be that they sounded too much like Pantera. If somebody asked me to describe their sound, I’d tell them to listen to Vulgar Display of Power. But with their new EP, they’ve developed a sound of their own. I’d say they’ve put the Pantera records away and are listening to more Crowbar these days. There are some great sludgey riffs on here; particularly on opening track World is Gone and Kicked Down Force Fed, my favourite from the six-track EP.

That’s not to say that they’re Crowbar clones, now. They’ve definitely maintained a thrash influence, combined with some death metal elements as well. Guns and Pale Horses is a fast-paced, balls-out track, with a chorus of death metal vocals on top of frenetic riffing. That riff around the 2:30 mark fucking crushes.

If anybody else has their three-song demo from 2006, well, you’ll probably throw it away when you hear this. This EP beats the shit out of it in every way imaginable. They’ve even taken old favourite Old Dirty Love and re-recorded it, with backing vocals on the chorus for added effect. 20 Minutes of Thickness is a solid sonic statement from a band that is ready to make their presence known. Last I heard, they were still looking to get some artwork and packaging together before unleashing this beast upon the Ontario underground. But keep your eyes and ears open for this one, cuz it’s the best 20 minutes you can spend with your pants on. Well, maybe not, but it definitely has the Gruesome Greg seal of approval. - Greg

"The Womb-Review"

If, as their bio states, Toronto's The Womb are completely committed to sounding as powerful as they can be, they've done well in borrowing a page from Pantera and Superjoint Ritual, two bands connected by a relentlessly unhinged singer and clobbering riffs.
On their debut six-song EP, the four-piece channel equal parts exuberance and heaviness into well-structured arrangements that move from murky grooves to thrash, although it works best when they fully immerse themselves in a bottom-heavy riff and let it take over. The production s fitting, capturing the music's density without too much lustre, while vocalist Mike Simpson's got a nasty and commanding set of pipes that he lets loose all over the place. If they keep up like this and explore some slightly less conventional influences, we can expect great things. - NOW Magazine

"The Womb-April 20th Live review"

Hot off the heels of their debut six-song EP, the Womb played an early set displaying an unparalleled level of power and ferocity. Often compared to Pantera for their frenetic riffs and unhinged vocals, the band managed to set themselves apart on this EP by adding mind-bending tempo changes to the mix. Songs frequently transitioned from sludgy grooves to mid-tempo thrash, all the while retaining a bottom-heavy, maniacal quality. Drummer Neil Monkhouse gave by far the most technically-dazzling performance of the evening. His standout song was “Kicked Down Force Fed,” a brutal 3 minute lament featuring pounding, double-kick-driven verses; drawn out, half-time choruses; and a Sabbath-style galloping bridge. Vocalist Mike Simpson may have bore an uncanny resemblance to Jack Black, but his snarling guttural scream was more akin to that of Sepultura’s Max Cavalera. Keep an eye out for this quartet; they wield the potential to make a serious gash in North America’s stoner metal market. -


2006- 3-song demo

2007- 5-song demo

2008- s/t EP



White t-shirts display the band's logo. A psychedelic layout for their new EP, which has been given the appropriate, if unofficial, title, "20 Minutes of Thickness". The sound of New Orleans riff masters like Crowbar and Superjoint Ritual mingled with Alice in Chains and Canadian hard rock luminaries Big Wreck. This is the circulation of ideas and creativity that makes up The Womb. Rejecting the contentment bands often find within predictable and disingenuous heavy metal posturing, the band seeks to evoke a wide range of emotion from a wide range of listeners-metal, hard rock, and punk; regardless of what stylistic lines one may draw, the allure of the band's grooves and the startling nature of their stylistic shifts from song to song (and even within songs) provides interesting characteristics for any looking for new, powerful music. Formed in 2005, the band has worked diligently toward gaining a name for itself within the Toronto metal and rock scenes, highlights including opening slots for Yakuza and The Mighty Nimbus. The band has played numerous shows throughout southern Ontario and is currently planning a regional tour in support of their recently released EP. This is the beginning of a new level of activity for a band that has a lot to prove, and, as the song 'Beyond War' states, "a message to those who pretend."