The Wooden Dolls

The Wooden Dolls


Melodic madness probably best describes this Irish based outfit. The Wooden Dolls have been thumping out their infectious melodies since 2004 and are currently promoting their new EP entiled simply The Wooden Dolls.

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Victor Meldrew

Written By: Steve Sheehan

Today I feel like walking the dog
But he’s blue…..Me too….. How about you?
They say life’s a walk in the park
But oh God I am only crawling

I wake everyday and it‘s always the same
Victor Meldrew running in my brain
I come home late every night and I pray
Victor Meldrew pulsing in my head
I’m old before my time

This day it could be my last
I wonder…. Yeah….. How fast?
Maybe now it is for the best
At least I’ll see you again


One EP available on CDBaby. Samples availablew from our website. You can alos buy this from any MP£ provider e.g. iTunes, Napster etc

Set List

Set is 14 songs, all original material. lasting about 1hr 15mins