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"The Woodenelves - Trips Between Worlds"

A new local release with worldwide scope. These heartfelt songs rise from simple, catchy beginnings until they are soaring, stadium worthy epics. Catchy, heartfelt and engaging, this album is professionally produced and well deserving of a listen. Travis Caudle and Jonathon Tiedtke invite you into their world and if you take the trip, you'll be suprised where it'll take you.
- 78 Records

"The Woodenelves - Trips Between Worlds"

I remember my mum always used to tell me not to judge a book by its cover. This saying was used for everything from people to terrible Christmas gifts, and of course actual books. I don’t recall it ever being used for CD’s, but in this instance it seems particularly apt. ‘Trips Between Worlds’ by The Woodenelves is a musical gem in disguise. Looking at the cover you would have difficulty differentiating it from the numerous other independent artist releases, but upon listening it becomes clear it is markedly different. A well produced and enjoyable album, ‘Trips Between Worlds’ sounds like the product of a well established rock outfit, there is no suggestion of newcomer here. It’s catchy, uplifting and at times moody. The opening track, ‘A Little Bit of Me’ is a perfect introduction as to what’s coming up, a tightly woven musical journey full of inviting hooks and choruses. The journey is broken up into twelve stops, each unique and worthy in their own way. ‘Look’ has a great guitar intro that builds into a powerful rock ballad, while ‘You’ve Only Got Yourself to Blame’ is full of purposeful distortion and musical lifts that result in an uplifting sound. As impressed as I am by ‘Trips Between Worlds’ I do think The Woodenelves need to carve themselves out some new cover art. The current cover just does not do the album justice and will fail to capture the attention of browsing music shoppers. I firmly believe that music should be about the sound not the looks and image, but musicians can intrigue the public without becoming over preened mirror gazers. Great cover art can only be a good thing. That aside, those who overlook the art and get to the music inside will be very satisfied indeed.


"The Woodenelves - Trips Between Worlds"

It is hard to place The Woodenelves into a particular genre of music. With a diverse rock sound, Trips Between Worlds verges on being epic, capturing a very new atmospheric vibe.

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Trips Between Worlds - released in 2007
Tracks from Trips Between Worlds have received airplay on:
CIUTfm Canada
Triple J, Australia
Nova 100fm Melbourne, Australia
Nova 93.7fm Perth, Australia
96fm Western Australia
Coast FM Mandurah, Australia
RTRfm Western Australia
8CCCFM 102.1 Northern Territory, Australia
FBI 94.5fm New South Wales, Australia
Twin Cities FM Western Australia
Radio Fremantle Western Australia
KCRfm Western Australia
Radio 2DU New South Wales, Australia
107.3 LIFE FM Queensland, Australia
PBS 106.7fm, Victoria, Trips Between Worlds - released in 2007



Holed up in a Sydney recording studio with too much caffeine under their collective belts, producer Tim Powles couldn’t resist the urge to ask about the lyrics in one of the tracks the boys were laying down. He was convinced frontman Travis Caudle was singing about little wooden elves walking across the sea. He wasn’t, but the subsequent blurry-eyed, late-night rantings about such a phenomenon wouldn’t go away, and so The Woodenelves were born.

With their roots in Perth, Western Australia, The Woodenelves formed in 2004 when Caudle teamed up with charismatic lead guitarist Jonathon Tiedtke. By mid 2005, the band had begun recording their first album in Sydney at Spacejunk Production House with Powles, also the drummer of acclaimed Australian band The Church.

The Woodenelves’ debut album Trips Between Worlds was mastered by Don Bartley and showcases the band’s penchant for innovative, atmospheric rock and melody-driven pop.

The collection of 13 tracks penned by Caudle has already won The Woodenelves two national songwriting awards. Their track “A Little Bit of Me” took out the rock/indie category of the Australian Songwriters Association’s 26th National Songwriting Contest, while another track “What It Is” was the joint winner of the contemporary pop/dance category. The Woodenelves flew to Sydney in August 2006 to perform at the awards ceremony in front of music industry greats including Glenn Shorrock, Graeham Goble & Beeb Birtles (ex Little River Band) and Mental as Anything’s Greedy Smith & Martin Plaza also performed at the event

The Woodenelves have appeared live on national television in Australia on the Rove Live program which that night broadcast to more than 1 million Australian households. The video clip to their debut single A Little Bit of Me has also hit TV screens across Australia, being shown on Rage, The Music Jungle and Song Writers Across Australia.

They have a licensing agreement with Undercover Tracks in Los Angeles and have signed a publishing agreement with Foghorn Records in Sydney, Australia.

The Woodenelves have supported The Black Crowes, Hinder, You Am I frontman Tim Rogers, British India, Sarah McLeod (former Superjesus frontwoman), The Church's Marty Willson-Piper, Even’s Ash Naylor, Hugh Cornwell, formerly of The Stranglers, Angie Hart, Borne and Melbourne’s The Inches.

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