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The Wooden Wings

New Orleans, LA | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

New Orleans, LA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Alternative Rock


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The Wooden Wings @ The Logon Cafe

Beaumont, Texas, United States

Beaumont, Texas, United States

The Wooden Wings @ Freret Street PUBLIQ HOUSE

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

The Wooden Wings @ Artmosphere

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States

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"Fact Not Fiction Album Review"

t’s been said that a songwriter’s life experiences are the blueprint for crafting a body of work. It usually takes years of highs and lows, up and downs and the occasional broken heart to put down in words and set to music a great song, much less quite a few.

Imagine my surprise when I put The Wooden Wings latest CD “Fact Not Fiction” into my cd player only to find out that the sounds coming out of the speakers were created by a very green, though mature beyond their years, band. I remember as a kid listening to garage bands try and write their own songs, and thinking this must be hard, because they didn’t sound very good. Well, I am happy to say, the times they are a changing. “Fact Not Fiction” is like that cool breeze you feel right before it begins to storm… it comes over you and carries you away. The genesis of The Wooden Wings is quite an interesting story and it is probably why the songwriting and arrangements are so unique.

Co-lead singer and songwriter Molly Portier met Cherie LeJeune met in 2006 and quickly realize they shared a love of music. They immediately began collaborating on songs and playing small coffee houses. Before they knew it they had over 50 plus original songs written. There was a bit of a snag though, Cherie lived in Lafayette, La. and Molly in New Orleans, but this did not stop the two from continuing their songwriting and rehearsal. They eventually recorded some of their songs and released “144 Miles”, which by the way is the distance between Lafayette and New Orleans. The two continued to write and collaborate, but now they were ready to broaden their sound and eventually added a band to back them up. The current lineup has Harry Rosenberg on guitar, Anthony Mikhael on drums and Phil Cork on bass. The Wooden Wings were now ready to enter the studio for their sophomore release armed with a new sound and an arsenal of songs to choose from.

“Fact Not Fiction” is like that cool breeze you feel right before it begins to storm… it comes over you and carries you away.

The new cd is titled “Fact Not Fiction” and right away it’s quite obvious that Molly and Cherie are a breath of fresh air in terms of songwriting. Songwriting of this depth and emotion is usually reserved for someone who has lived many years and had a myriad of experiences. These two songwriters (Molly and Cherie), who also arranged all the music as well, don’t have a lot of years, but you would not know it by the thought provoking songs on this cd. The melodic harmonies between the two singers are at times angelic and sometimes haunting when the song calls for it. Tracks such as Side Effects and Answer Me This are the kind of heartbreaking self-inspection checklist songs that made Alanis Morissette’s debut album multi-platinum. I am not saying that The Wooden Wings are to be compared to Alanis, actually more like The Cranberries meet Sarah McLachlan is more accurate. The song “Hey Conductor” is a beautiful song about a girl who has come to grips with heart break and decides to move on, as she hops aboard a train, the beat of the song sounds like a train slowly leaving the station. She tells the conductor “Hey conductor, it’ll never get better… hey conductor, this is mighty fine weather.” A feeling of pain and coming to grip with it… is an emotion that is a not usually associated with a teenage girl, but, these are not your typical teenage singer/songwriters. There are quite a few more thought provoking songs on this cd, including “Click Click” and “Beat the Odds”.

To say I was surprised by the singing/songwriting of Molly and Cherie along with the solid band backing them is an understatement. Here is a thought that makes me hopeful for music in the future… if this band ( The Wooden Wings) has this old soul maturity at this point in their careers, what will they be like when they have more life experiences under their belts. It should also be noted that while playing gigs to support their cd, they also finished in the top eight out of hundreds of bands, voted on by the fans, in the Road to Bonnaroo contest for the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival this year. The Wooden Wings may not have a lot of miles on the road, or years of experience, but when a sound this seasoned comes from, with all due respect. Five teenagers, time is definitely on their side. - NOLAmusic

"Artist Spotlight - The Wooden Wings"

The Wooden Wings are one of those bands that may be a bit off of radar, but that should not always be the case… this band of young and talented songwriters and musicians are hungry and driven for success and it is only a matter of time before small venues won’t be enough to contain the people who want to experience The Wooden Wings. On a side note…I had the pleasure of hearing some of Fact Not Fiction done acoustically, and to say I was blown away is an understatement…The Wooden Wings are about to take flight. - NOLAmusic

"The Wooden Wings - Maturing Their Way to the Top"

Artist Bio:

The Wooden Wings started as two, young, female singer-songwriters, Cherie LeJeune and Molly Portier. When they met during the summer of 2006, they had no idea that they both shared a common love for one thing – music. After two years of meeting they began collaborating on their original music, performing at local coffeehouses and open mics under the name The Wooden Wings. With Cherie living in Lafayette and Molly living in New Orleans, the three-hour distance has made it a challenge, hence the name of their debut acoustic album, 144 Miles.

A year later, a mere few months after beginning the recording process on a second album, they joined forces with three new members, and the band took on a new feel. With Graham Beduze on bass, Harry Rosenberg on guitar, and Anthony Mikhael on drums, The Wooden Wings evolved with a powerful sound. Trips between New Orleans and Lafayette became more and more frequent as the guys began working alongside the girls on the new record.

Graham Beduze split from the band in mid-2010. The newest additions, Phil Cork on bass and Nico Guiang on rhythm guitar alongside Harry Rosenberg, bring a new creativity to the band and give it a greater, fuller sound. Now, with their sophomore album Fact Not Fiction released, The Wooden Wings are ready to take on the music scene with their alternative, atmospheric, ambient music.

Our Take:

Listening to their earlier recordings, it is obvious the music has evolved. Not only has it evolved, it has matured. It is apparent the band is finding their place, and we think they might have found it. The haunting vocals of Cherie and Molly will truly stay with you, while the backing of their band is the perfect foundation.

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We Recommend:

Red Bird and Unasked Questions

Also, check out their facebook page to find out how YOU can send them to Bonnaroo and get a free download. - AsheleeBre

"Featured Artist: The Wooden Wings!"

The Wooden Wings: Molly Portier and Cherie LeJeune started out as an acoustic duo during their sophomore year of high school- two beginners on guitar with a handful of original songs and a determination to share them with anyone willing to listen. The band name, “The Wooden Wings,” evolved from LeJeune’s left-handed guitar and Portier’s right-handed guitar creating the “wings” that came to represent the band. Guitarists Harry Rosenberg and Nico Guiang, drummer Anthony Mikhael, and bassist Phil Cork were added as the girls began working on and performing their full-length album, Fact Not Fiction, during their senior year of high school, and continuing into their freshman year of college. The guys took the originally mellow, acoustic project and developed it into a dynamic, alternative rock band. Our hometowns are all over the place, much like the style of the music we create. Daphne, Alabama; Lafayette, Louisiana; and New Orleans, Louisiana, are the places we call home. New Orleans would have to be considered “home base,” though, considering we recorded most of the album there, played the majority of our recent shows there, and most of the band attends colleges located in the city.

The Wooden Wings: We've been related to Fleetwood Mac and Florence and the Machine because of our vocal style, though we draw lyrical and songwriting influences from Fiona Apple and Jewel. Musically, we are inspired by The Beatles, Coldplay, and Death Cab for Cutie. Since each of us listens to such a wide variety of genres, it’s always an exciting adventure meshing our tastes together to make our music unique to all of us. It’s like everything we write holds a hint as to whom each of us is as an individual, and that’s vitally important to us.

The Wooden Wings: Well, we’ve been told that a song of ours has gotten some airplay in a local Taco Bell, but besides that awesome feat, we finished at number six in the Sonicbids/Bonnaroo Road to Roo competition. Though it was a long two weeks of promotion, resulting in sleepless nights and intense late-night strategizing sessions, it was an unforgettable, thrilling experience for all of us. The top eight bands are placed in front of the Bonnaroo board in which two are chosen to play at Bonnaroo this summer. We haven’t found out if we were chosen or not yet, but even if we aren’t, it’s okay! Just finishing in the top eight out of over 700 bands was more than we could have ever imagined and that’s what it’s all about, exceeding your expectations and daring to dream big.

The Wooden Wings: We are a band of six, young musicians fronted by two girls, and many people may be skeptical about that, but that’s what makes us so unique. There is a kind of rush we get when we step on stage and people are expecting us to sound one way and the minute we start playing people are like, “Wow! I never saw that coming!” People tell us we sound better live than in our recordings, which is pretty refreshing. The industry needs more bands like that. We are serious about what we do. We write songs that dig deep and hit the root of the message we want to convey to our listeners. Everything we write is raw because our songs embody real life experiences. We can only hope that others will allow our music to break down any walls they have built up. No one is alone in heartbreak and we all experience love, loss, and redemption, and that’s what our last album, Fact Not Fiction, expresses.

The Wooden Wings: We have a regional tour of the southeast in the works for this summer – so be on the lookout for when and where! We’ve also been writing a lot lately and we plan to start recording again very soon. Oh, and hopefully you Roo-goers will be seeing us at Bonnaroo as well. - The LIST

"Other Pull Quotes from Reviews for Fact Not Fiction"

"I have to give credit to The Wooden Wings. Their music is taking on a mature perspective as they themselves mature as persons and songwriters. A lot of work and heart has gone into the lyrics and the music just keeps getting better and better."
RJ Lannan - Independent Reviewer

"This CD was simply amazing! Hey Conductor stole my heart! I really loved them all but that one just did it!""
Tanya Craft - Fan Review

"Spare, candid and enthusiastically mellow...setting the stage for a junket through low-res hi-fi explorations of self, love and loss... stippled and brush-stroked with hints of Joni Mitchell and even Fleetwood Mac in the fleeting moments when a song gets a head of steam and bears down on the rails, Fact not Fiction is a welcome gesture of bridled youth."
Walter Pierce - The Independent

"Their acoustic imprint makes them a little folksier, but with two voices instead of one, they have a raw, strong and steady vocal. Their music is new and a bit rough around the edges"
RJ Lanna - Music Reviewer

“I love minor key songs on acoustic....really unique writing…”
- Joe Tillinghast, Rock Musician, New Orleans

“FANTASTIC...Beautiful harmony...feeling...SOUL.”
- Jeff Oster, Jazz Recording Artist, Los Angeles, Ca.
- Various Publishers

"September CD Reviews"

After listening to Fact Not Fiction it’s hard to believe that The Wooden Wings is comprised of five teenagers from the Lafayette and New Orleans areas. Their indie-folk rock style sounds far more refined and mature than one would expect for their age. Founded and headed by female singer-songwriters Cherie LeJeune and Molly Portier, The Wooden Wings showcase the musical talent of the band’s matriarchs. Their song “Unasked Questions” blends poetics with a hint of soul, all backed against the instrumental prowess of their fellow musicians. Drummer Anthony Mikhael compliments Portier’s delicate piano as the song begins while guitarist Harry Rosenberg and bassist Graham Beduze drive the intensity of the lyrics without dominating the track. In the song “Answer Me This”, LeJeune and Portier haul out their guitars to join Rosenberg’s lead as the ladies deliver a passionate inquisition. There’s a hint of angst in this one, which makes it a great heart-break ballad. Without a doubt, the talent of The Wooden Wings has been well-invested in their sophomore release Fact Not Fiction. —Jessica Mina
- Where Y'At Magazine

"Album Review: Wooden Wings album soars"

With booming vocals from Florence + The Machine and intricately crafted guitar riffs, The Wooden Wings' sophomore album "Fact Not Fiction" is truly a gift for the ears.
The addition of three new musicians has revolutionized the bands sound from what co-front woman, Cherie LeJeune, communication freshman explained was previously a "simple acoustic sound" to an edgy combination of Indie-rock, folk and a hint of country.
The album's 15 songs range from rock melodies with tracks like "Unasked Questions" and "Of the Seven" to true-to-their-roots soft folk hymns like "Red Bird" and "Balance."
The flawless marriage between the vocals of front women Cherie LeJeune and Molly Portier is reminiscent of "The Weepies" and was lovely enough to move this listener to tears. Lyrically, the album is a portrait of heartbreak and redemption, with lyrics from the song "Beat the Odds", "You've broken everything that I am/You see, I'm fragile/And the glue can only hold so long/You break me down again/But I beat the odd."
Songs about wrath and revenge are also evident on the album, with lyrics from the song "Run For Cover", "She's been known to cause destruction/She's someone who can't be trusted/She's your darkest, crazy nightmare/She's everywhere/You better run, run for cover."
The album was taken from a lyric in the popular Death Cab for Cutie heartbreak anthem "Lack of Color."
LeJeune said, "For Molly and I, this album is really honest. The lyrics mean a lot to us and tell a story about what we were going through at the time; the facts, not the made up fairy tale perfect story, the reality."
Olivia Lueckemeyer can be reached at - The Maroon


144 Miles - 2008

Fact Not Fiction - 2010

Liminal - 2012

Home (Single) - 2014



Inspired by the gritty sounds of the dirty South, The Wooden Wings have grown from their humble acoustic beginnings into a five-piece rock 'n' roll outfit with a singer-songwriter core. Over the past 8 years, they’ve performed at local festivals and venues such as Hogs for the Cause, Brewsiana Beer Festival, Hopefest, One Eyed Jacks and the House of Blues. Fronted by two female vocalists with coffee-and-cream harmonies, The Wooden Wings create a ‘70s-inspired sound that combines ear-catching, melodic hooks with classic rock elements.