The Woodlands (aka Patchouli)

The Woodlands (aka Patchouli)


10 Years, 11 CDs, over 1/2a million miles on the road have molded The Woodlands into super tight, powerful, performers that always leave the audience inspired & satisfied. From blazing flamenco inspired guitar songs to lyrical anthems to modern day acoustic grooves these multi instrumentalists rock.


The Story

It’s All About The Music
Bruce and Julie recorded their first jam session together on January 6th, 1993 in a church in Chicago. With Bruce playing an acoustic guitar and Julie on a 5gallon pail they discovered their desire to create music together out of anything and everything around them. That desire fueled their relationship as it grew out of this musical love they shared and keeps them grounded in the music they create still to this day.

Punk Rock Meets Poetry
Bruce Hecksel’s primary instrument is acoustic guitar. In addition to intense study in many styles from fingerstlye, flamenco, classical, jazz, flat picking, and folk, he studied concert piano, choral compositions and plays bass guitar and percussion on stage. But Bruce started his guitar adventure in a punk rock band named Be Safe Be Seen. At a Canadian music festival in 1991 his electric guitar and amp were stolen and he was left with only his acoustic guitar, which he took as a sign and never played an electric guitar again.
As lyricist and lead vocalist of Patchouli, Julie’s background is in words. She began reciting poetry when she was seven. She walked around with her steno notepad and recorded all her observations of her young life. Dabbling in violin, drums, and trombone throughout school she worked many of her poems into acapella pieces that she and friends would perform.
When she and Bruce met they put the poetry to music and Patchouli began.
Julie now plays multiple instruments on and off stage 6& 12 string guitars, upright bass marimbas, flutes and hand drums.


The Labyrinth

Written By: The Woodlands

Take some time unwind
Unravel your mind
And walk the labyrinth through
Until it brings it back to you

I know you’re looking for some change
But like the desert holds the rain
For a dry spell or two
Let me hold it here for you

Trace these lines through what happened
Like a topographical map
Then feeling everything you’ve known
Let it bring you right back home

Take some time unwind
Unravel your mind
And walk the labyrinth through
Until it brings it back to you


Debut self titled album "The Woodlands" releases May 2009. Single "The Labyrinth" available digital on March 1st, 2009.

Past Projects Discography:
Terra Guitarra
Terra Guitarra Winter Solstice 2008 (LP)
Terra Guitarra (self titled) 2008 (LP)
The Summer Finding ER 2007 (LP)
Terra Guitarra ER 2008 (LP)
The Light Behind You ER 2006 (LP)
Once in the Ring ER 2005 (LP)
Come A little Closer ER 2003 (LP)
The Day We Let Go ER 2002 (LP)
Live at The House ER 2002 (LP)
Visions ER 2000 (LP)
Sunshine Baby ER 1998 (LP)
Strawberry Blues ER 1997 (LP)

Set List

All Original Music played on Acoustic Instruments
Typically 1-3 45min sets depending on event.
Song List:
Mine is Yours
Bring us to Hear
This is the Land
Your Teenage
The Carrying
Where the Light Begins
The Labyrinth
Hold it All
The Woodlands
Same Song
Out There
Alive & Loved
The Glow
Shell Island Disaster
and the list can go on and on
we have 12 cds worth of our own songs