The Woods Colt
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The Woods Colt

South Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States

South Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Band Americana Folk


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"C.D. On Songs: The Woods Colt (feat. Casey Desmond) - "Hand In Hand""

Posted by C.D. Di Guardia
You have probably been to the Music Complex. I know that I have dedicated some sweat to it over the past few years. If you go there Sunday night, however, there is a different reason to sweat. You won’t be in a tiny room with empty beercans, either, you’re going to be in The Magic Room, taking in a sweet, sweet show featuring Thee Oh Sees, Thick Shakes, The Human Tail and The Woods Colt (featuring Casey Desmond). Ms. Desmond engineered and recorded The Human Tail’s record, which shall be released unto you at this show. The Woods Colt has released a song unto us that she will share, uh, unto you.

The Woods Colt - "Hand In Hand"
[download it!]

When we think of Casey Desmond, we think of a fairly sophisticated, cosmopolitan sort of person surrounded by a brilliant red glow. Maybe it’s the hair. She is probably the closest thing we in these parts have to a diva, but her work in The Woods Colt is equivalent to a diva running away from the hustle and bustle of the city, deep into the woods where there is magic in the leaves and mystique in the wind.

“Hand In Hand” has dashes of magic in its structure - a magic that comes swirling out full-force in a sweeping, huge sounding chorus. This song’s chorus may remind some (who have heard it) of the chorus to Chris de Burgh’s “A Spaceman Came Traveling,” even if The Woods Colt does not seem to be especially channeling Christmas songs from 1975. The magic, however, remains. The hand waving the wand belongs to Desmond, who smoothly delivers the lyrics like a practiced witch who knows all the words to the spell like she has been casting them since eternity.

Desmond’s voice sounds outrageously mature (furthering the whole “eternity” theory). She is not afraid to plunge the depths of her vocal range, especially notable at the end of the majority of the vocal phrases in the verses. This song is utterly bewitching - and we know that Casey Desmond is a good witch. There is no reason to fear The Woods Colt despite the fact their album art makes it look like a Maenad captured Casey Desmond and made her wear a Greek mask. Never mind that. Just sit back and let the magic sweep over you, and you will be glad that you did. - Boston Band Crush


Still working on that hot first release.



The Woods Colt come from a hidden mountain hamlet that has little
contact with the outside world. A place where holes in the ground eat children and it rains blood, and heros grow ten feet tall. Where low women lose their hands for stealing other women's men and the fountains keep you forever young.
A blend of compelling lyrics, lush acoustic instruments, and folky harmonies,
Casey Desmond and Robert "Jess" Dettmann's songs transport
you to a place of comforting melodies for scary bedtime stories.

Recorded & Produced By Casey Desmond