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"Testimonial from Kevin Held"

They were great and played very well. The students had fun and relaxed. I would highly recommend them to any other school looking for a quality evening of entertainment that won't break the budget! - St. George's School

"Fan Review"

I've been a fan since the begining, but man have these guys come a long way. They've brought in a lot more funk influences than you're average phishy jam band and it makes for great listening, even if you're not a fan of the Jam Band genre in general (like me). The CD has some lighter, mellower tunes when you need them, and then some real funk too. Excellent CD, Highly recommended for people of all ages!!! - Reviewer: Brooklyn Geoff

"The Woodshed - Hallapalooza and Live at the Bistro"

It's tough not to like a band with this variety (from "Take The 'A' Train" to '60s rock to modern funk originals) and incredibly liberal file-sharing policies ("if anyone is interested in older shows (not posted) just send us an e-mail and we'll send you a zipped copy")... They're generally best on fusion/funk/jam songs like "Andorra," [and] competent and interesting on "'A' Train"... In short, this is a band whose development one roots for. -

"Fan Review"

This is a great album, plain and simple. With a great jam-rock combination inspired by the likes of MMW, Phish, Soulive, the Dead and more, this breakthrough Woodshed album is sure to make any music lover get into the groove. Loopy, innovative tracks like Andorra, Electrostatic Chills, and one of the earliest Woodshed originals, Living Like Thanksgiving sound great on this well mixed album. Brian Volk, Andrew Grosvenor, Jeff Rhoades and the Jesus-Wookie that is Pete Casselman are grade A all-stars, and this album rocks to the maxxx extreme! - Reviewer: Nomah


Tonic & Gin (2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from Burlington Vermont, home of the original music of Phish and original tastes of Ben & Jerry's, The Woodshed combines instrumental jams with flowing funk compositions to provide an exciting new flavor in the Jam Band scene. Take the trio's exciting blend of jam, jazz, & rock sounds, add to it pop-heavy lyrics with catchy phrases and you have a sound that is picking up new fans all over.

Jeff Rhoades, The Woodshed's guitarist, talks about Andorra, one of their signature songs. "It starts with a majestic opening that gives way to bubbly chase lines and a sparse, wistful guitar solo before falling straight into 2 chord power funk! It's a song that's got a little bit of everything really." With his elegant guitar lines included in many of their songs, it is clear that Rhoades' talents are not only within his ability to craft beautiful lyrics for songs - but within delivering them with a fluid style and passion that helps complete the Woodshed's sound.

Andrew Grosvenor, the band's hammond heavy keyboardist, says "The band tries to play with the idea that absolutely anything can happen ... It brings energy to the sets and always results in some absolutely amazing moments." Andrew's ability to play the song effortlessly and bring his listeners to another realm is just one of his many talents. While keeping the jam alive with his keys on one hand, He keeps a keen ear planted in the rhythm with a bass line from his other hand. The dual keyboard/bass role He plays is a cornerstone of the sound created by this talented trio.

The style and sound of music created by The Woodshed screams Talent from all areas. The Woodshed presents a very wide variety of styles and moods throughout a set providing it's listeners with a fresh look into the heart of jam band. Having shard the stage with talents such as U-Melt, and P-Groove, The Woodshed will be the next band to rise to the top in the scene. The release of their first full length album, "Tonic & Gin", begins The Woodshed's trek into the music world with performances within the northeast region. Within time, The Woodshed will be a familiar face in the summer festival scene and across the states as they plan on touring with the new year outside of their home area of New England.