the Woolgathering

the Woolgathering


The music of the Woolgathering is fast, fun, melodic, infectiously dance-able and based on musical virtuosity sans the esoteric pretentiousness typically found in instrumentally high skilled bands.


Originating out of Lake Ronkonkoma Long Island, The Woolgathering came to shore out of a small ocean of musicians collectively improvising at a triangle of local Long Island bars. Finding common ground in fun, dance-able, 8-bit video game sounding music, materialized The Woolgathering.


Gloria, God Speed in Germland

Written By: Tim Dennis

God speed in Germ Land


Colored Balloon's EP:
1. Patience
2. Gloria, God Speed in Germ Land
3. Capitan Weirdo
4. Ninja Tree House
5. Timid Sign Guy

Set List

Our typical set lists variate per show. Songs we have most fun playing that often show up on the list are as follows:
1. Timid Sign Guy
2. Ghost Party
3. Patience
4. Gloria, God Speed in Germ Land
5. Game Over
6. The Matador
7. Ninja Tree House
8. Captain Wierdo
9. Brand New 1984
10. Dead Man
Our set's run from usually 30-45 minutes and we often play 7-10 tunes.