The Woosters

The Woosters

 Terrace Park, Ohio, USA

We are a indie pop band from Cincinnati that enjoys preforming a great deal. We take from a wide range of influences such as pomegranates, enlou, headlights, explosions in the sky, and so on to create a pretty nice blend.


The Woosters formed late May of 2009 and have been writing music and playing shows ever since. They take influences from many different groups to create a blend.


A Drier Place

Written By: Teddy Murphy

If we surface up on land
We will see that all our problems
Have been painted in the sand

Because I am the waves and she is the ocean
Crashing between the rocks and the stars
People get seasick from the commotion
Of all the noise of planes trains and cars

We must wash it all away
We must forget it all today
We must find a home to stay
We must find a drier place

Coming Home

Written By: Teddy Murphy

These feet werent meant to stay
I will fall my own way
These feet werent meant to stay
I will fall my own way

This bridge is the cage that sets me free
To the rocks and the river that welcome me

Father these fields leave me so alone
Father this fall will carry me home

Im coming home
Im coming home
Im coming home


Written By: The Woosters

The forest floor the fallen leaves they hold the bones of fallen kings
And the last one, hes the next one
From the rocks in the seas to holes in the trees
And the last one, hes the next one

Came from, across the sea
To the pile that we sleep

*animal noises*

4th song

Written By: Teddy Murphy

Every sentence every word
Unspoken secrets screaming to be heard
Forces stretched to thin
Can't thwart the assault

They don't know where the battle lays
They left their hearts in an unstable place
They sing of love from strife and fights from victories
But they left their armor at the gates

I never took to rationality
But I force it through the answers that I seek

5th song

Written By: Teddy Murphy

When the lights went out
I find myself among them
Not playing in the sand
But watching from the ocean

By the moonlight
I wait for
My family
On the shore


We have a 6 track EP, recorded at Moonbeam Studios, that is streaming on our myspace.

Set List

We can cover about 30 minutes as of now, by mid-point probably longer.