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Sometimes a sweeping change within an entity is all that is needed for all the cards to fall into place. In he case of metal-harcore outfit The Word Alive, by gaining a dynamic new vocalist, it was just the catalyst the group needed to take theur next steps forward in their burgeoning career.

Feeling a bit stagnant in their progression beforehand, the addition of vocalist Tyler Smith (ex- Greeley Estates, In Fear And Faith) catapulted the band's ambitions to the forefront. With this initiation, their goals and aspirations were much more a reality, and they set to work on what would become their debut EP, 'Empire.'

"Once I joined we all felt we had a chance to do something special and we've worked hard to make that happen ever since," Smith said. "We are all positive that we have something different, and that helps motivate us to work harder."

Recorded with producer Andrew Wade in Ocala, FL, and release on July 21st on Fearless Records, 'Empire' is an intimately personal album for Smith, whose impassioned lyrical subjects range from dissolving relationship to the struggles he was battling privately. Enhanced by furious guitar wizardry courtesy of shreddres Tony Pizzuti and Zack Hansen, as well as rapid-fire drumming brought to life by Tony Aguilera, the EP is a non-stop sonic assault that is at once powerful and unpredictable.

"We all fee off of each other really well," Smith said. "We take a little bit of everything we like and put it together to try and give the listener at least something to grasp onto when they hear a song for the first time. We consider ourselves a metal band who enjoys singing a lot. As much as we love being brutal, we love being being referred to as 'epic' and 'beautiful'. It works for us."

Since joining the Fearless family with the objective of "taking our band to a whole other level," The Word Alive are intending to achiece that design with the release of 'Empire,' as well as anticipatory streches of roads and shows. Smith said the touring stage, as well as, their staying power. Despite several trials and tribulations while traversing the country (blowing tires, stricking wildlife), their premiete trek has shown the guick rise and admiration of the band. Beginning with a sold-out night for their first out-of-state show on their first-ever tour, the Phoenix natives are reaching fans nationwide with their incendiary stage presence and bombastic music.

"We hope to just keep touring, touring, touring... we couldn't be happier or more appreciative to be on tour right now," Smith said. "I think despite hacing some of the worst luck in the early beginnings of being a touring band yet never missing a show, we always have a positive attitude and that will make us a stronger band."

For a band with the chance to begin cutting its teeth in the touring world, and with an explosive new EP, change has never looked so good as on The Word Alive.


Empire- Release 7/21/2009 on Fearless Records