The Words

The Words


Think early Stones with a punk attitude. Think Ray Davies on speed. Think Beatles tunes played by the MC5. If this sounds good to you, then you will dig The Words.


The Words from Los Angeles are the answer to everything dull, generic, and manufactured in rock and roll today. Lauded by Rolling Stone magazine as replacing "thick neck rock with Brit-rock," lead singer/songwriter Jeremy Morgan heads up The Words, who draw comparisons to the Who, the Stones, the Kinks, and the Creation. Pairing melodic and powerful songwriting with explosive and inspired live performances, the Words are like nothing else that's out there right now... The Words are here to save rock and roll.
The Words formed in early 2004, when New York transplant Jeremy Morgan met Michigan native Johnny Cooloti in a Los Angeles bar. The two bonded instantly over a love of the Nuggets Box Set ond The MC5’s ferocity. Shortly after the meeting, initial songs were worked out acoustically at Jeremy’s place. The search for a rhythm section came to an end when like-minded bassist Ryan Leach came to the fold via answering an ad, bringing along with him fellow Greg Cartwright/Mick Collins nut Rob Hu on the drums. Shows began shortly thereafter, highlighted by two nights at New York’s Galapagos and Pianos, and multiple nights at LA’s Spaceland, Silverlake Lounge, Troubadour. The band is looking forward to pressing their 45 and playing as much as possible.


The Words Live Demo - January 2005
The Words/The Ettes split 45 - July 2005
Indie 103.1 is currently spinning Save Your Ideas and Draw the Line (Fun Time)

Set List

30 minute set:
1. The Start and the End
2. Midnight Train
3. Cost of Living
4. Save Your Ideas
5. 7 & 7 Is
6. Draw the Line (Fun Time)
7. Talking in my Sleep
8. Low and Behold
9. Turn Around
10. War

Cover Song:
Love's "7 and 7 Is"