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the world


Gis a gig! Go On! Gis a gig!


According to web stats received 4730 hits in two weeks. The band is currently in the charts at with "Come to Me". See Once voted most promising new act by the European Music Journalists Association, 'the world' have evolved from a number of previous bands including League of Decency and Rapid. At one stage the world became one of the hottest MP3 downloaded bands on MP3.COM. A debut album, “Memorise and Destroy”, sold i400 copies off the Internet. the world won the Guinness Battle of the Bands competition in 1998 (as League of Decency). They played at the music fair in summer 2001, organised by Factory Records (UK). The world has featured extensively on local radio and on Internet radio. Their debut single “Ultralove”, was selected for the Atlantic 252 playlist, which at one time had a weekly audience of 20 million people in the UK and beyond. The world is a four piece outfit based in Dublin comprising of bass player Keith McBain, drummer Anthony D’Arcy, Cyril Byrne on percussion and singer/guitarist fran. They have featured on several Best Music compilations on the Danceline and Futuresque independent labels in Ireland. 'the world' have a blistering new live set and have recently completed a residency at a large venue in Dublin, where they played to an audience more than 200 people. A new EP entitled “Casualty of Peace” is in the final stages of production. Our mailing list goes out to 2000 eager listeners anxious to hear of upcoming concerts, merchandise and new releases.


One Nation Under a Duvet Danceline Compilation
Ultralove - Danceline Compilation
Kicks with Chix on inde Heinous Crimes Label.

Set List

Come to Me
All this Will Seem a Dream
All I wanna Do
Kicks with Chix
The Stranger
Shake the Tree
Congratulations on Your Relations.