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The most anticipated release by rapper "The World", "Global WarNing" is everything you could want in an album. Radio and club friendly, catchy, and witty songs, And a live performance that is more than just a concert!


A Pittsburgh, PA native, but far from being known as just local, The World is more than a name, its an expression. Well known as "Automatic" from age 13 till age 21, he worked on perfecting his writing, freestyling and producing.

These skills were helped along under the wing of 211 Productions CEO Justin "jTRAX" Philman, who welcomed Automatic in with open arms and gave him what would soon be a permanant seat in 211 Productions and Madface Ent.

Freestyling took a back seat as bookings rolled in and a higher demand for full length albums were being made. It wasn't before long that Automatic would be up to his ears in music and moving in what seemed to be fast forward.

2001 came quick and so did the auditions for tv show "Urban Icon". A Warner Bros. reality show where they would take 7 teams of 3, (producer, rapper, manager) and have them compete for various prizes and contracts. He auditiond as a member of his R&B Trio "Lecture" and a Warner Bros. Rep, asked him to audition seperatly as well. He did so, and after asking him a series of questions about his talents ranging from singing, rapping, producing, dancing, and much more, they told him, "You shouldn't call yourself Automatic, you should call yourself The World, because you are so versatile". And it was at that moment that The World Was Born.

Now in 2008, The World, 27, is releasing his 7th Full Length Album, under the management of Exel Management, and this time he is going global. The new album, titled, "Global Warning", is being backed by a massive tour planning to take off in Spring starting in Sunny Florida and moving up the East coast ending in New York. After that the tour moves west hitting many cities including Chicago, Houston and Detroit.

The World is a veteran to performances and club appearances in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Chicago to name a few. He has shared the stage with the likes of Bone Thugs In Harmony, Ivory The Human Hustle, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Focus, Souljahz, Pigeon John and many more.

Quickly rising to the top of internet sites, and , "The World" is gaining momentum and is bringing with him, a rather large and diverse fan base.

Its best said by The World himself, "Music is like breathing to me, and with every breath its a new note, a new direction and a new song. It comes as easy as inhaling and exhaling, and i breathe deep."


Global WarNing~2008
Surrounded By Stars~2007
World War III~2007
Certifies Hip Hop Vol 1.~2006
Hold For Ransom~2006

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