The Worn Out Shoes
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The Worn Out Shoes

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Worn Out Shoes- Self Titled LP 2007"

"The Worn Out Shoes manage to vary their punches while still delivering a blues-rock haymaker with each cut"
-Rob Van Alstyne Music Editor Pulse of the Twin Cities - Pulse of The Twin Cities

"The Worn Out Shoes- Self Titled LP 2007"

"...those lucky enough to track down a copy of their new cd have been treated to a more frenzied take on rockin
white boy blues than Jack White ever cooked up. Watch your back White Stripes, The Worn Out Shoes are ready
to stick a boot up your ass!" - Nathan Dean City Pages - City Pages- Minneapolis


The Worn Out Shoes- Self Titled LP 2007-Available now at possible future release with Fat Possum Records 2009

"Hard Times" Unreleased LP 2009- possible future release on Fat Possum records Fall 2009



Besides meeting in a trainyard sand storage shelter while dodging an overnight thunderstorm in Nelson, B.C., and
working on Shelby Grooms old family milking farm in an isolated patch of rural Wisconsin, enigmatic lead man
Donny Moon and Canadian by way of Nelson, Duane Mcintyre got their mojo workin to form the instantly colossul
down and dirty blues/art outfit "The Worn Out Shoes". If the twos meeting is unconventional by 2009's standards
their debut self-titled offering pushes the clock even more. Recorded on old pre-WWII tape apparatus in Moons
Barn, the sound is caked in earthy rawness, but manages to have the strange magic of something never before
heard, somehow one uping their contemporaries if by nothing more then the sheer ferocity of their sonic attack.

Their recent live shows have been nothing short of legendary with the playfully charismatic Moon spontaneously
digging into his mystical grab bag of slide/jump rythyms to lead the bouncing fray into cataclysmic romping
frenzies. Right along side, Mcintyres whirling propeller armed boogie-down beats are an instant crowd pleaser
and along with his see/saw swaying kit, make for a whole lotta shaken goin on. At first site its instantly clear these
two have it all, massive stage presence, rock grace from the gods themselves, and something new and strange.

Comparisons to other two piece bands are obvious within this new era of duo blues/rock
outfits that are redifining the form, but The Shoes carve out their own distinct musically euphoric niche. The
grooves are deeper -almost dredging the backwater sludge of their North river backyard with each beat, the lyrics
uniquely strange and evoking their own mystical mythology. Perhaps most exciting is that a new and important
vocalist has emerged, Moons vocals are both sonorous and ringing with palpable vengeance. Moon attributes
the strange nature of his vocal stylings to life on his 150 year old dairy farm where he began "speaking in tongues"
-mingling with the spirits that suround him in the Native American proclaimed "vortex" of the driftless region where
glaciers halted and little known mountains loom somehow heightening energies both good and bad..

The Worn Out Shoes are rapidly turning into rock afficionado darlings. Its time we made spread the good word
(and good times!). Get ready for The Worn out Shoes.