The Worthless Children

The Worthless Children


Our sound is deffinately based deep in the roots of rock, with a independent and alterternative twist. We can go from playing a pop tune to having pyschadelic and/or country overtones...with a hint of humor all the time...even in the dark lyrical matters...


Our band has had a long journey over 2 years, from our first version as a 4 piece, to going on hiatus, to returning in December of 2005 after a year off to become a three piece. When you talk about our bands history, it's kinda like reading off of a Kentucky Fried Chicken Menu. We quickly put together a record when we first got together so we could get our sound out there to the public, but felt that we could out do ourselves with a new record that would be much more original and interesting....something that could capture public interest as well as public imagination...which is where the band is currently at in the the studio.


The Darker Side of The Worthless Children (2004)
The Worthless Children (2005)
Untitled Record (to be released Fall 2006)

Set List

Try Me For the Evening
Hookers & Coke
Your Last Mistake
Here It Comes Again
The Stalker
Come Together (cover)
Monkey Funk
Salty Peanuts
She's So Fine
Payday Friday
The Thing In My Pants