The Worthy Few

The Worthy Few


Folk-punk-rock your heart out with The Worthy Few!


The Worthy Few is a singer/songwriter trio that was formed in late 2005.

Paul, Shane and Scott who are Flushing, NY residents, started playing together after Paul's previous project, Sheraton Commander, wrapped up. Paul had previously played with John Houlihan in several indie rock bands (Stapler, Sheraton Commander), where Paul usually played guitar while John rocked on the drums.

Shane, a flamenco guitarist and mandolin player, came aboard in early 2006, while Scott (formerly of Newfound Glory) followed soonafter.

Our simple goal: to rawk out with no amps.


Public Displays of Isolation - Spring 2008 release. Four songs on the album have been in recent independent American films, including "The Watering Hole" (winner, best short film, Tribeca Film Festival - 2006) and "Amexicano" (recently screened at Tribeca Film Festival - 2007).

Set List

Sets are usually 40 minutes to 1 hour or so, depending on the venue. Most songs are between 2 and 4 minutes long. Covers are few and far between (no more than one per show), but range from Eliott Smith to Johnny Cash.

Current Set List (changes over time as new songs are rotated in)

Two-Time Brilliant
You're So Gone
Roman Candles
Sweet Disaster
Blood Twins
Serial Killers of the World Unite!
Present-Day Everything