Joel Eckels and the Wreckards

Joel Eckels and the Wreckards

 Los Angeles, California, USA

The blues and raw energy of the BLACK CROWES, throw in a little New Orlean's style funk and the groove and soul of classic MOTOWN. THE WRECKARDS are a solid, original sound that still manages to feel a little familiar.


The WRECKARDS dropped in the fall of 2010 after living in the same Hollywood apartment building for the previous two years. Frontman, Joel Eckels and bassist, Mark "Babyhead" Corben parted ways with their old drummer and neighbor in 2009 to discover that the drummer down the hall, Tamir Barzilay, would be the perfect replacement and missing link to the band's sound and personality.

The first rehearsals with the new group began at Bill Withers house in the Hollywood Hills. Eckels had become friends with the legendary singer/songwriter when he began playing guitar for Withers' daughter Kori. Bill Withers expressed an interest in Eckels songs and agreed to work with the band as a mentor in late 2009.

The band spent the next year writing, arranging and recording material for the EP, The Joy, the Pain with producer, Dan Rothchild and engineer, Brandon Duncan. The release was a defining moment in the band's sound and personality as a result of the lessons learned through Withers.

After a long treacherous search for a fitting band name, THE WRECKARDS had arrived!!

In late 2010, the band went right back to work in the studio to take the writing, arranging and recording to the next level. This time, they decided to fully incorporate Joel's brother, Shawn Eckels, as the missing 4th member on keys, lead guitar the infamous "chink" chords. They decided not to rely on outside production help and to use only full live takes. The new EP. "What's to Come..." was recorded in the band's Van Nuys rehearsal space, engineered by Corben. It captures the sound that they had been searching for all along and proved that they can trust their own direction and choices to make for a full, in-house operation.

In 2011, the WRECKARDS will be busy making their presence known. Look for a late September 2011 Midwest tour, more shows in hometown Los Angeles, music videos and a new album in early 2012.

Keep your finger on the pulse and the needle on the WRECKARD. This is music to move you and groove you.

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Gogo Nikki the Spy

Written By: Joel Eckels


She’s assigned to remind you that love is free
About as beautiful as can be
I think she’s what I need but I might be mistaken

She’s the type of girl that’s had a broken heart
Don’t know where this will go
should we stop before we start
I know that we’re both scarred
But my heart is achin’

She sings when she talks
Shakes it when she walks
She’ll bring you back to life when it was lost

Gleaming in the mirrorball light
She’ll dance to your reflection all night
There’s something ‘bout the groove that feels right and I’m awaken

Yeah, the story’s something deep behind her eyes
My fear’s got me convinced that she’s a spy
I can’t find a trace or any reason why


She’s assigned to remind you that love is free
About as beautiful as can be
I think she’s what I need but I might be mistaken


Written By: Joel Eckels

Lyrics by Joel Eckels

It don’t take a lot of money
Just takes a lot of love
I do my best to stay funny
But some times I’ve just had enough
I enjoy the run-around, the big town, the higher ground
But there’s days it just gets me down

Mama, don’t worry about your boy, no
Mama don’t worry no more

This life is my invention
You’re where I come from
Living off inspiration
I learned to take things as they come
You always believed in me
Even when I’d leave
and you’d never know if you’d ever see me again

Mama, don’t worry about your boy, no
Mama don’t worry no more

I know you don’t want to see me lonely
Or always one foot out the door
But, I’ll find myself a good one
I’ve been down this road before

Mama don’t worry about your boy, no
Mama don’t worry no more

The Trouble

Written By: Joel Eckels


So, what’s the solution?
Do I listen to my heart or my head?
I can’t tell the difference,
Guess I’m a fool to every word that you said

Some people think that they know
I think that they don’t
There’s somethin’ bout you girl
Something beautiful that you never show

They call you Trouble
I don’t believe that’s true
I believe the trouble is you

The scene of the crime
Was it your fault or mine?
I can take the blame
If it’s you, girl, you better do the same

I ain’t goin’ down for you today
So just tell it to me straight
Is it true love or lies behind that gleam in your eyes
Are you evil or are you just afraid?

Are you just Trouble?
I can’t believe that it’s true
somethin’ tells me that the trouble is you

So, baby, put up a fight
Or just get out of my life
If you choose to walk away
Then I guess I’d have to say they were right

You must be Trouble
And I’ve got too much to lose
I don’t want no trouble, but the trouble is you
I’m in love with trouble and the trouble is you


The Joy, The Pain EP (2010)
What's To Come...EP (2011)

Set List

JOEL ECKELS and the WRECKARDS are all original music with sets ranging from 45 min. to 2 hours!

Original songs:

Bad Love
Gogo Nikki, the Spy
The Trouble
Good is All Gone
Sing Me Something Beautiful
Mr. Mojo
Little Brother
The Joy, The Pain
Bad Blood
The Weight Of These Things
Devil's Heart
Good to be Bad
Save Me
Los Angeles
What That's About
Franklin Ave