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"The Iraqi Freedom Song"

The WTL Club

Music by The WTL Club/The Iraqi Freedom Song.
Memphis, TN.-Janurary, 2006- "The Iraqi Freedom Song" is track number one on The WTL Club "New Release" CD "Live On", available online at their website:
Christian Rap Music Artist Michael A. Minnis of The WTL Club band has penned a song entitled "The Iraqi Freedom Song", dedicated to the people of Iraq and military coalition forces effort to help establish democracy in Iraq.
Michael A. Minnis spent several months in Iraq providing support to U.S. military personnel. Mr. Minnis traveled in convoys, flew in private charter jets, medi-vacs, c130s and blackhawk helicopters to numerous locations throughout Iraq and Saudi Arabia obtaining firsthand knowledge of the cooperative atmosphere created among coalition military forces in spite of language barriers.
Mr. Minnis is quoted saying...."I developed a very high degree of respect and admiration for military personnel and the iraqi people in light of the continious obstacles they deal with in doing their job. There is the everpresent possibility of enemy rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) being shot toward aircraft while in-flight and convoys with fuel tankers, food and other supplies can run into improvised explosive devises (IEDs) placed into holes on roads or in the carcasses of animals, then detonated as convoys drive-by. As well as the fact that someone standing by you could blow themselves up while everyone is assembled for lunch. Add to that, the possibility of contracting incurrable sores from certain bug bites ....there are many sensitive issues surrounding life and work in Iraq....I could say more, yet I believe "The Iraqi Freedom Song" says enough."
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The WTL CD-2003, Karens Aerobics Music CD-2004, Club Music Mix (Volume 1)-2004, Club Music Mix (Volume 2)-2005, Live On CD-2005, Karens Aerobics Music (Volume 2)-2006.




The WTL Club: WTL is an acronym for The Way, The Truth and The Life as found in the Bible (John 14:6). We are a family; Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters. Also, we are christian rap music artists. Our mission is to spread a musical message of love, hope and joy in songs. Check out our website:

Mike "A" (Father): My musical influences include Frank Zappa, Sly and the Family Stone and George Clinton. I enjoy songwriting; Expressing observations taken from the world in lyrical form.

Karen "D" (Mother): I love and trust God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.

Mikey (Brother): I enjoy exercising and reading.

Christy (Sister): I am the mother of two boys who have brought much joy into my life. I enjoy playing cards, cooking and crossword puzzles.

Joshua (Brother): My favorite food is sushi. My favorite color is red and my favorite number is 3. My best friend is Benjamin, we both play trumpet in band at school.

Melissa (Sister): I am all for God. I enjoy christian enviroments, basketball and playing the piano.