The Wyrd Sisters

The Wyrd Sisters

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The Wyrd Sisters is a band that understands their audience. Seasoned festival favorites, they combine great showmanship with tight musicality, exquisite harmonies and inspiring lyrics. They are funny, raunchy, and'll laugh, you'll cry,you'll dance... you'll leave wanting more.


The wyrd sisters have been inspiring audiences for 20 years. They have played most major festivals folk halls in North America, have won numerous awards, written music for film and tv, and been covered by other artists from around the globe. The greatest gift the wyrd sisters offer an audience is that they know how to inspire and connect...and they do so by leaving their audiences messages of hope and joy wrapped up in the most beautiful music.


Sin and Other Salvations
Raw Voice
Inside The Dreaming
Leave A Little Light
***Just Released!....WHOLLY***

Set List

Set List:

They Wyrd Sisters perform 20 or so original tunes from their five releases at a typical performance.


Leave a Little Light - 1993

Inside The Dreaming -1995

Raw Voice - 1999

Sins and Other Salvations - 2001

Wholly - 2006