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The Wyte Owll has developed a unique style of Hip Hop that blends the distinctive styles of classic East Coast lyricism and the melodic ride of the West Coast, with a large dose of Southern Bass, complete with high hats, and delivered with prosody.


Whoo? The latest lyricist from the ATL! The Wyte Owll is truly and diversely talented, and worthy of the title quintuple threat. He is a gifted lyricist, producer/engineer, performer, songwriter/composer, and unique voice talent. He writes all of his own lyrics and composes the music for many of his songs. In addition he records his own vocals, arranges, engineers, mixes, and masters most of his music, including playing and recording some of his acoustic guitar tracks. In addition to performing original hip hop songs, The Wyte Owll also composes hip hop, trip hop, and ambient soundtracks for film and video games. He is also Co-CEO of Necropolis Entertainment, Inc. and runs the production division Beat Da Block Productions. In addition, he creates and produces musical compositions for other hip hop artists and groups.

The Wyte Owll has developed a unique style of Hip Hop that perfectly blends the styles of East Coast, West Coast, and Southern Bass. Take the distinctive style of classic East Coast lyricism and real talk truth, add a dash of the melodic ride and gangsta lyrics of the West Coast, add a touch of the South (complete with block shaking bass and high hats), top with a healthy dash of prosody, and voilá, you find yourself with an eargasmic Wyte Owll cocktail. The Wyte Owll represents thirty years of Hip Hop with a modern twist. The best of Hip Hop blended into one lyricist, composer, producer's distinctive style. The Wyte Owll is hard, raw, abstract innovation delivered with a smooth commercial flair that lures all that hear him into a trance, where they find themselves begging for more.

The Wyte Owll provides a fresh and unique take on hip hop culture and rap music, and fills a void in today’s music market. The Wyte Owll’s permanent themes that resonate throughout all of his songs are prosody, the fight for the underdog, and the deep spiritual truths of everyday life. With tracks like “Naw Hell (Good Bye)” and “Hold Up”, he revives the hip hop revolutionary political point of view, adds a gangsta flair, and implores all those victimized by the evils of greed saturated twenty-first century American life, to stop attacking each other, and turn on the true oppressors of us all. With "Naw Hell” he takes a laid back funky West Coast style track, adds some extremely philosophical deep lyrics, and delivers them with hardcore intensity. The song is an unapologetic response to the myriad of indignities that many of us suffer in our daily lives. It is delivered with the raw emotion born of frustration, struggle, and pain. It is gangsta in the truest and newest sense of the term, yet is in no way the traditional woman bashing, crime supporting, pimp loving gangsta track that has become so cliché in the music industry these days.

“Ya’ll Ain’t Ready” and “We Won’t Fall” are the anthems of the underdog. “Ya’ll Ain’t Ready” featuring up and coming Atlanta rapper Reeco Payne, exudes the hungry spirit of all those trying to break into the game, and it proves that The Wyte Owll has what it takes to do just that and more. The Wyte Owll is definitely about to change the game. Once the Wyte Owll hits the airwaves there will finally be music for the hip hop loving masses that adore great lyrics delivered with prosody, and groovable beats. No longer do hip hop music fans have to suffer, waiting in vain for music they can vibe to, think about, and discuss with their friends. No longer do they have to shuffle through endless independent offerings to find just the right mix to soothe their souls and satisfy the hunger for the meaningful hip hop experience that was readily available once upon a time. “We Won’t Fall” is the quintessential soldiers anthem. This song embodies the spirit and the glory of the fight for what we want and need in life, and exemplifies the don’t give up attitude of The Wyte Owll, and his fan base, The Soulz of Necropolis.

The Wyte Owll currently has three albums planned, in addition to having several other songs written and conceptualized for future albums. The first album is entitled “Senseful Violence”. The EP with the first four cuts form the cd will be available by May 15, 2006, via CD Baby ( download sites such as Naptster, Rhapsody, iTunes,, etc. The songs on the EP are "Naw Hell", " Whooz Angel", "Y'all Ain't Ready", and "Follow Me". The full length cd "Senseful Violence" will be released on July 1, 2006, and will be available in retail stores such as Best Buy and on the internet at CD Baby and www.TheWyteOwll.comThe second is “Thresholds of Darkness”, and a third album is to be entitled "The Premeditaed Mayhem". The Wyte Owll is constantly composing new music, and writing new lyrics. There is plenty of music for his fans to enjoy fory years to come.
by Monique Liles


"Naw Hell" (Good Bye)

Written By: Eric Liles/The Wyte Owll


Verse 1

No understanding why you denying the unlimited, They're dancing around emcee skinz if he livez, by chance weaknesses in the tree limb, For three sinz, the feeling of the killing will never end and the process of healing, Got to begin it to make amendz, Before the defendant in contemptment and witnesses admitted indolent, Beligerant ignorance ending when the henchmen get wind of it, Isolated incidentz, you proclaiming innocense, released in small incrimentz, used the wrong damn instrumentz, Survival of imprisonment, Your demise will be the beneficial factor, Mafuckaz like you just lack the, Intelligence to back up and prioritize your tacticz All the sudden your certified and ceremonial mastered. What you call shadowz I call reflectionz of the soul, And what you call arrowz I name protectorz of the throne, What you call ladderz I name a threat to correct my home and what you call shattered I name revival uncondoned. Now enter the entrance with alternate suspicionz intentionz enlist friction between your memoriez and your blisses, Fuck hugz and kisses, Itz nothing but visionz, of slugz and ditchez I'm itchin' to cross you like white-male with these exclusive picturez incriminatin' hatred laced latent stuck catastrophic, On top of the world but you cant stay on topic, Endightmentz appealed, Enhightened frillz, By moonlight ignite with sealz, Clapping like frightened steel, Backtrack that azz to them biting feildz like Left, Right, Kneel, to the double V'z unknown octave, Itz the W the Y the T the E you know you cant knock it, Unlockin' the chainz restricting my brain, Inflicting the pain, no victimz to blame, Keep rollin' this thang, keep tokin' this thang, If itz potent keep smokin' and chokin' this thang, I'm hopin' it rainz, knowledge and game, Itz to many lamez steady gettin' paid, All the real artistz stuck under radarz aim and ain't ate all day,103, 88, 107, 97, 95 won't play, Said "Yeah Soundz Great, Come back on Sunday with the payola and we'll talk about how it'll rotate OK"


Oh Naaw Hell Yall Done Lost Ya God Damn Mind, I Got Extra Shellz Keep Talkin' Kiss Your Azz Good-Bye Call 911

Verse 2

Them s'll hattered bottlez swinging, Familiar flamez burning, The flesh will heal, But the scarz present a burden, Observin' the vermonz version and learning from vice versa, Confirming to worship that life is indeed worth, Something. Teardropz a clever disguise, Fear rotz, but it never die, The feathered guide, Perhapz posess craftz that were never tried, The devil lied. Said he'd legalize by 99, But still itz a crime for me to buy a dime, Sit down and anylize. He sterilize to capitolize, I realize the truth theorized, Incorporate it into a rhyme that'll blow your fuckin' mind Who's the victim? Ain't no victim this shit got me paying attention, Compromized by the religion, Baptized in the izm, izm, izm

Hook Repeatz


Written by: The Wyte Owll

Y'all Ain't Ready

Written By: Eric Liles/The Wyte Owll

Yall Aint Ready

You can say what the fuck you wanna say
But sooner or later somebody gone snatch yo' azz up out the state, See at 6 and 10 with your body on the front page, I wanna see you still talking shit when Im rippin out your fuckin veinz, I wanna see these kidz stop,,, looking up to these fuckin lamez, No fuckin' brainz no common sense fuck happened to the game? Money for living money for spending shit itz all the same, Money religion money repentance bitch you know my name


Yall aint ready, These boyz bout to change the game, Itz the Wyte Owll and Reeco Payne, Straight out the A

Death'll creep right up on you, Keep on talking they ajnt gone be able to recover you, Cross the border cross the ocean finding partz of you, Cuz taking losses too costly, and I cant help it how your wife and daughter want me, Itz the W the Y the T the E, O W Double L, Raised in these Atlanta streetz, But itz kinda hard to tell The way Im rolling in this J-A-G, X-J-6, 9-7 with the wood and leather Bitch itz time to glisten time to hit it rich, I hear you scwaukin' The blood drippin'll make a bitch cry, Keep him talking I got 99 methodz to make a snitch die, Too much gossip, Pick your coffin, Ill legalize Put me in the oval office, The Wyte Owll for president, The Wyte Owll aint hesitant, Militant, Hellbent to prove the scripture readz Im heaven-sent from seven sinz of several men that let the devil in and said they'd never give, Till the groudz we walk be Hell again.

Hook Repeatz


EP: Sensful Violence featuring:
"Naw Hell"(Goodbye)
"Ya'll Ain't Ready" (featuring Reeco Payne)
"Whoo's Angel"
"Follow Me"
"We Won't Fall"

Set List

"Naw Hell" (Goodbye)
"Ya'll Ain't Ready" (featuring Reeco Payne):
"Whooz Angel"
"Follow Me"