the xbanders

the xbanders


Intelligent,radio friendly power pop!


THE XBANDERS is primarily a studio project created by guitarist/songwriter caleb jacobs geared at recording top 40 radio friendly music in the likes of the police,talking heads,collective soul?


leave here

Written By: caleb jacobs

chorus- got to leave here,got to find my own way,wanna be here but i know just cant stay.
verse- we've been together here for far to long,you know it seems to soon its time to move on,there'll be a light on to help you find your way
verse-you cant take it with you but you still have to go,so leave your things as you head out the door,there'll be alight on to help you fing your way
bridge-got to be on my way,got to leave here...


X-TENDED PLAY is a work in progress subject to recording budget! our latest single is "leave here" which is getting some local airplay on 98.1 wobx!

Set List

we are primarily recording artists at this point but would be happy to tour with adequate support!