Brighton, England, GBR


Murray Macleod - guitar and vocals

Tom Heron - drums

Jordan Smith - bass and backing vocals

Aberdeen/Exeter 3 piece THE XCERTS are best described as a 'distorted pop' band, making a very big sound and an even bigger stir with their recent comeback to both the stage and studio. With their highly anticipated 3rd album waiting to be released this summer, the band are really making a returning statement.

2 impressive albums, 10 years of experience and dedication and countless tours have brought The Xcerts a long way from their genesis in the headmaster’s study at school in Aberdeen, where Murray Macleod (vocals/guitar) and Jordan Smith (bass) first met when they were 13. In the build up to the release of their much anticipated 3rd record, the trio are more self-assured than ever, and rightly so. Patience, hard work and emphatic belief have fuelled this group; when so many of their peers have fallen by the wayside, The Xcerts are ready to step up.

With upcoming single 'Shaking In The Water' ready to take off in July, the band are making all the right moves in making 2014 one to remember. 

Singer and front man/guitarist Murray MacLeod explains a bit more about ‘Shaking In The Water’ Lyrically the song is about helplessness and  how I was solely to blame for finding myself in a regretful position with another person. In previous songs / records i have always found a scapegoat when singing about something I'm to blame for but I've grown up a bit and this time round I’m throwing my hands in the air and admitting my faults."